Okay, you are vegetarian, or vegan, but why on earth would you need to eat mock meat and cheese (tofu, seitan, tempeh, yuba, etc.)? Are you so nostalgic of the marvelous taste and feel of meat? Can't you really do without it? And why--I am addressing vegans in particular--can't you do without those horrible spices that make you smell so unpleasantly? No one forbids you from eating seitan, tofu or whatever else you like--if you are crazy about it--but being vegetarian (or vegan) merely means avoiding meat (or meat and any food of animal origin); it doesn't mean to be tofuvorous or seitanvorous. There are plenty of non-animal-foods you can choose from without deceiving yourself with mock meats, and without asphyxiating your neighbors with the smell of spices. Do you hate plainly cooked vegetables so much? Don't you realize that your eating mock meats makes you even stranger, and less convincing, to carnivores? As I said, do eat seitan, tofu, and the rest, if you find it irresistible gourmets' food, but please stop trying to give your teeth the old feeling of chewing meat. Stop eating meat with your mouth and with your mind.

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yes Antonio, no problem.  I always stand up for members if they are getting wrongly demeaned for their right to their own voice.  some of our members haven't been using forums for that long and haven't even been vegetarian for that long so we can just imagine the level of inappropriate force they might use in a forum such as this which is trying to create a harmonious community, not a discordant one. unfortunately, some members opt to leave when they get bombarded too much, so I am glad you are not feeling to discouraged.

generally I like to follow the Quaker adage, "seek to understand before seeking to be understood."  its really useful in dialogues to check the heart of what the other person is saying before lashing out and using a number of expletives to pretend to understand what the person is thinking. especially in forums.

I am plainly and simply going to say that for someone who has never eaten meat it's not a substitute for me, it's a meal!! Just because it is made in a form of meat or made to look like meat has no relation to why I am eating it. I like to have friends over and make a meal to suit us all whether you are a meat eater or not. Why complicate things? I don't eat meat FULL STOP. How else would they market the product as?

Short and eloquently stated. You make an enormous point with this post! Also funny to note I've heard remarks from vegetarians, when I eat a much stricter diet as a vegan. I eat replacements and they still wear the skin of dead animals and continue to talk about how long they've been a vegetarian, and how 'pure' their diets are. At least I never put a corpse on my back in my entire life! Yuck!

Thank you ! Yes, to me to wear skin of a dead animal is quite the contradiction !!!

Agreed! They have no ground to stand on. I've been ridiculed as I said by certain members on here who proudly remarked on times they've worn animal hide on themselves.

hehe love pic..... no pun intended, well maybe - those members sure have a hide !!!

Lol!! I love it! ;)! They sure do!

Hypocrites always have the most to say though, to try and make themselves look innocent. Pointing a finger at someone else while having such conflicting ethics yourself is very sad. Mostly sad for the poor animals they pretend to love.

They just shut off their thoughts and go into denial... easy when you know you are guilty !

VERY easy. Just keep an eye out for the self-richeous attitude and obvious hypocrisy! That's well said, "They just shut their thoughts off". They certainly aren't thinking at all, but they'll never admit they're wrong because narcissists can't do that.

I've read all the posts on this (his word) 'provocative' question posed by Antonio. Motivated ultimately by the views of the little girl you see wrapped around my neck in my photo on the left, my wife and I and of course my daughter have recently become vegetarians. My wife and I have always been animal lovers and have spent most of our lives in the rescue and care of wild and pet animals. Our little one is the only one though who was uncompromising in her vegetarianism. This brought the question, "Why not?" into unavoidable focus, which in turn lead to our unavoidable answer. So, while we haven't  been asleep for the decades of our lives, (regarding diets), we have only been eating 100% vegetarian for a few months. I want to comment on one particular paragraph in a comment made by fruitify but suddenly something came up and I have to go. So, look for it! :) Oh, I mostly agree with Lauren on all this.

Yes I find it interesting his means of provoking discussion include insulting other people, then being upset and apparently "demeaned" after having done so. People make me shake my head.

Also again, note the holier-than-thou attitude of most members, who always feel victimized even when passing extreme judgement on other people. I guess it's true most people are becoming increasingly narcissistic. But there will always be members such as myself who won't look down on others for their food choices, and applaud members for all the hard work that they do. People who stand on pedestals need to fall off onto their butts.

I love your story :)! Thank you for sharing. I also think it's wonderful you've spent so much time dedicated to saving animals. Some people would rather nag others about eating tofu apparently, even when these people are actively helping innocent beings. Talk about the wrong focus. Reminds me of Christians focusing on gay people and lining up outside of Chick-Fil-A instead of lining up at shelters to feed people. Energy wasted, and all for the sake of less than noble intentions.

First of all, meat is appetizing to most people. And when trying to get a meat eater to become vegetarian, assuring them that their favorite flavors can be had without hurting an animal is very helpful. I love the flavor of vegetables, but i also love the flavor of meat. I like having a mix of both on my plate. I don't care about avoiding meat, i care about protecting animals. That is why i am a vegetarian, but as for the flavor, i love it! So fake meat is great. Meat flavor and no harm to animals. 


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