Okay, you are vegetarian, or vegan, but why on earth would you need to eat mock meat and cheese (tofu, seitan, tempeh, yuba, etc.)? Are you so nostalgic of the marvelous taste and feel of meat? Can't you really do without it? And why--I am addressing vegans in particular--can't you do without those horrible spices that make you smell so unpleasantly? No one forbids you from eating seitan, tofu or whatever else you like--if you are crazy about it--but being vegetarian (or vegan) merely means avoiding meat (or meat and any food of animal origin); it doesn't mean to be tofuvorous or seitanvorous. There are plenty of non-animal-foods you can choose from without deceiving yourself with mock meats, and without asphyxiating your neighbors with the smell of spices. Do you hate plainly cooked vegetables so much? Don't you realize that your eating mock meats makes you even stranger, and less convincing, to carnivores? As I said, do eat seitan, tofu, and the rest, if you find it irresistible gourmets' food, but please stop trying to give your teeth the old feeling of chewing meat. Stop eating meat with your mouth and with your mind.

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I feel a lot of resentment in this post.. I personally like the taste of imitation meat. Tofu is great also because it has such a bland flavor and works well with a lot of food! :) Veggies taste great, I just want
Some bulk to my food. That's all. My boyfriend, who eats meat, will eat the imitation meat and tofu. He loves it. So no confusion there coming from him.

I think that we can't decide what we like the taste of but our taste buds can adjust some with a change in our eating habits. I loved certain meats, but  I became vegetarian for ethical reasons, so I let that all go. I haven't eaten meat for 17 years and feel better for it. I have also dropped eggs and milk for a year now. The next step would be yogurt, but I am not yet ready to take the plunge. As for meat substitutes, I have no problem with people wanting to eat them for the texture. I just don't think that they are as nutritionally valid as unprocessed foods. There are other meat substitutes that are natural like mushrooms and eggplant. Maybe I have been away from meat for so long, but these have the texture and taste of what I remember meat to be like. :)

I think you are a very young, immature and bored person.  I am vegan.  I eat whole foods mostly, mock meats when I feel like it, use TONS of spices and still NO HARM TO ANIMALS.  That's all you need to worry about. 

I have never eaten meat in my life, but I looove tofu and tempeh and seitan, and I've recently even started eating vegan bacon/chicken/sausages (after finally getting over the mental barrier of avoiding them). It's obviously not a nostalgia thing for me - I've never tried meat, but I like the variation it puts in my diet, and provides new flavours and makes more recipes available to me! I don't think it's about meat nostalgia at all.

I love those Linda mccartney sausage rolls , they are fantastic with my own home made chips ( French fries ) and salad ! ;0) 

Well I don't need fake meat, i didn't like the taste of meat so i don't like as it reminds me of it.

But i understand if some people miss the taste, it's still better if they eat mock meat!

And of course if it can help some carnivores to turn vegan that's great.

Who cares as long as they don't eat meat it's therapeutic

What spices are you talking about? Soy sauce? Ginger? Garlic? Secondly, you are operating under a false assumption. I didn't give up meat because I didn't like the taste, I gave it up because it is unhealthy, unessential to a balanced diet, contributes toward the destruction of our environment, and is inhumane. I also eat plenty of vegetables, and I don't give a squat if people think I'm strange. Go crawl back in your hole.

Hey all, I actually got on here tonite to ask everyone's opinion about these faux meats.  But I now see someone else has beat me to the punch and for some reason they were quite judgmental about people that eat faux meats.  Well from my experience, these "meats" have helped my carnivorous husband eat 80% less meat each week, now he loves meat so this is revolutionary.  So I do not think these "meats" are nostalgic of the real thing but I truly believe that they have revolutionized our food industry.  I can now go to a main stream restaurant and order so many more things than just a salad.  You should not be hypocritical of anything that helps or encourages others to switch to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.  You instead should focus on the fact that no animals are harmed during the production of faux meats, which is truly all that matters in the end, right?


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