Recently my mum told me that her friends told her that accommodating vegetarians are troublesome because they need special food. She also told me that I am troublesome because being vegetarian requires her to prepare two different version of food, e.g. spinach soup without anchovies for me and spinach soup with anchovies for the rest of the family.

My coursemates and peers, upon learning that I am a vegetarian (now 90% vegan due to social reasons), said that I give them lots of trouble.

When I explained about how easy being a vegetarian is, they remarked that ANIMALS ARE MEANT TO BE EATEN ...

What are your thoughts on this? Do you face people who mock vegetarianism/veganism as being troublesome too? How do you deal with it? 

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Sure do, thanks Joao! Probably silence is the best weapon in this case :(

What I want to say is if non vegetarians think vegetarians then even vegetarians think non veg people r troublesome. Its our duty not to listen to them as to what they have to say since we all know meat is murder.

You should simply ignore what such insane people have to say and carry on with ur own bit. U must remember Sharon, being a 90% vegan goes a long way to say that u r compassionate person and eating meat, still knowing all the truth about pain and fear which is unstoppable as they r led into a slaughterhouse, can simply come from people who do not have a conscience and r intractable and retarded.

I'm lucky enough that most of my family are very supportive of my decision, but some family members are annoying enough to make comments about it every time I am around and may say something about it being a hassle.

I do try to avoid arguments about it, especially with family members because I don't want to fall out with them. But yes, sometimes I will argue my points and try to explain things to them.
It may be a slight hassle, but it's really not a big deal. I mean, it's really not that much hassle to NOT add meat to something (which is what most meat-eaters will do, rather than making a whole veggie meal), compared to having to do something extra for someone. 

People who complain are just being selfish, and feeling insecure about their own lifestyle and choices. Having a vegetarian/vegan suddenly affecting their lives can feel threatening, and can almost force people to question their decisions, and it can make people defensive.

Take it as a compliment, because it means you could be making an impact. If you feel the need to defend your decisions, always stay calm and be the civil one, because it supports your validity in your arguments :)

Fully agree with this, if you just avoid the conflict and refuse certain foods it makes things a lot easier.

Why whoever prepares your food insists they need any anchovies in spinach soup is beyond me, though!

Spot on, William! The spinach soup is broth-based, by the way (as how Chinese do it). I find the spinach soup tasty enough on its own. Anchovies give the soup a disgusting odour... :X

I don't know if being vegetarian which encouraged my family to eat more greens and eat less meat is considered as making an impact, though? They definitely eat more veggies and less meat (1 type of meat at dinner vs 2 or even 3 types before I become vegetarian), but the possibility of them being vegetarians are close to zero, thanks to my sister who is a picky eater, mum who claimed that meat is needed for hard labour (construction, farming etc.) and father who said that man need animal protein...

just ignore them. i tell them not eating MEAT is good for me. i'm in great shape, healthy and having a great life.

Haha I just brushed them off. In fact I only started living actively (exercise at least 1 1/2 hour per day with a rest day combined with daily student activities) since becoming vegetarian due to the excess amount of energy. I'm not in very good shape but definitely not as tired as before. I wish more people, especially students, will actually try to at least go meatless though and see the difference for themselves.

That veggie style thing is what my mum does now... thank God she only makes that "vegetarians are troublesome" comment when she is really angry. Although, she commented like that at random moments too. Luckily my family is still quite supportive to me as a vegetarian but not vegan. And seriously, I laughed hard at this:

"Humans also are animals....... that would mean, that also we are meant to be eaten......"

I wish omnis can think of that! -_-

Very well said. It's like us being kind is an annoyance to them sometimes? Perhaps as we hold the moral highground

I don't view us as having a moral highground; it's just that we have a clearer and deeper conscience on the relationship between the human activities and the earth. It's funny that we complain about things like expensive cost of living (yes, it IS expensive!), hot weather, intrusion of animals into our homes etc. If people stop and ponder over their living habits, everyone will live better.

I am told that my being a Vegetarian is troublesome all the time and I simply reply that I am worth the trouble!  The real problem is that people are just not imaginative enough to come up with something to feed us other than mushroom risotto or spinach and ricotta stuffed pasta.  I challenge people to think outside the box or offer to cook for them so that I can show them that a Vegetarian meal is more than just a pile of veggies.  I am raising a Vegetarian toddler and you would not imagine the comments that I get about her protein intake.  

If people find Vegetarians trouble then they are simply to ignorant to understand another way of life. 

Here, most think that vegetarians only eat sad salads, plain noodles or white rice. Luckily vegetarian restaurants are EVERYWHERE in my home country, Malaysia due to the presence of Hinduism and Buddhism. It's sad that people think how troublesome and miserable vegetarians are. I once invited my friends to vegetarian restaurants and they rejected my invitation, then claimed that vegetarians have "nothing" to eat. Oh, if only they give vegetarian food a try-there's curry noodles, burgers, sushi, and the list goes on.


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