Hello people! I'm here to try understand your point about it. Do You agree with this sentence? I've been vegetarian for 4 years and i'm still chubby. I dont care about it, i know that I have a healthy life and an amazing soul. Of course i've lost weight on the beggining. I've started as a eggs-lacto vegetarian, after that i've been just lacto-vegetarian, then i was vegan for 6 months. Now i'm back to lacto vegetarian. In my 6 months of being vegan i've lost 15 KG. When i got back to my lacto-vegetarian i got back 7 KG. Well, what to you think about it? Is this a kind off a prejudice? There are people that almost dont belive that You are vegetarian just because you are fat. Please, give your opinion.
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I don't want to belabor this point, but when I look at the people commenting in this forum, I don't see any fat people, or chubby people, or anything like that. I see beautiful people, and that's all. Yes, I mean that in a superficial sense, because that's what we're discussing: appearance (not that means that you don't have beautiful souls as well, I'm sure you do.) And I mean make-me-weak-in-my-knees beautiful. All of you. That's all.

That's just stereotyping.
Turning veggie doesn't mean weight loss, thing is most of people who do change, is due paying more attention to healthy food.

Ovo-lacto for about 7 years now, right after changing I lost a bit of weight, recently gained more when I started lifting weight and now I'm heavier than I was when I ate meat.

Actually, being vegetarian may cause some weight gain, especially when people first start. Protein fills up the stomach a little bit better and before I learned more ways to get protein, I was filling that gap with carbs. It is still difficult for me to get that full feeling. Sugars, flours, or anything refined like that will make u gain weight more than eating animal fats. I started being a vegetarian not for weight loss but only ethical reasons. In fact, I knew that was going to be a little bit of a problem. Your best bet is to make sure you eat whole foods and stay away from sugars. You will see results fast ;)

I think that while many vegetarians are healthier and thinner, that is not everyone. While I have lost 50 lbs since becoming a vegetarian last year, I'm still chubby. I know that my weight loss isn't just because I stopped eating meat but I also, by extension, stopped eating fast food and am more conscious about what I consume. 

I haven't experienced people not believing that I'm a vegetarian (to my face) but I can see that kind of prejudice. As humans, we are all shapes and sizes and that doesn't exclude vegetarians/vegans. 

I would ignore the assertion that people make.

I myself am a counterexample to the basic premise, as I am both vegetarian (vegan + cheese) and chubby (mostly due to excessive intake of cheese).

Also, I've noticed high fructose corn syrup intake significantly changes weight gain and loss as well, and that tends to be a 'vegetarian' additive in soft drinks.

I'm a lacto-vegetarian by birth. So, cannot really weigh in on weight loss/gain on being a vegetarian. But for the past 2-3 weeks I'm trying to substitute almond milk in place organic whole milk. That made me loose around 10 lbs straight. So, this makes me think there would be a difference in going vegan though.
I wish it did equal thinness.:( I actually gained a little when I went vegetarian :'(

When I started 16 years ago, as a tiny person for most people being vegetarian meant the same as being anorexic (at least in Poland). People who put you in categories like this usually have no idea of what vegetarianism is. Diary might lead to weight gain because of hormones and fat but our weight is not only about what we eat but also about how much we burn. Just don't built your opinion on who thinks or tells you what, waste of time :-)

I don't think being vegan/ vegetarian means you are thin, but it is a very common that people loose weight from this diet. It's just not 100%. I've been vegetarian for a year now, stayed the same weight as when i did eat meat. Now i have been vegan for 6 months i've gained 7kg, i'm not on a junk food diet, i just eat more, including a higher amount of carbs. I do get the 'oh you haven't been vegan for long right?' and i think thats mainly due to my weight. And i get the feeling people think i obviously eat alot of junk food, but that's just not true. I'm not over weight at all, i was thin before and now I'm just not the stereotypical weight of a vegan i suppose. For me the main misconception is that if you are not thin, but average and i suppose over weight than you are a junk food vegan

being vegetarian will not make you thin.. but being vegan will help you a lot to that... im PROOF of it..! :D im veggie and still fat...! :(

Been losing lots of weight since I became vegetarian, while my skin got better as well. Besides, I'm also more energetic while my senses are sharper. :)

The protein is in the meat. The fat and cholesterol, at least most of it is in the bi-products. Unless you get rid of the fat and cholesterol, you won't likely lose weight just by going Vegetarian.


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