Hello people! I'm here to try understand your point about it. Do You agree with this sentence? I've been vegetarian for 4 years and i'm still chubby. I dont care about it, i know that I have a healthy life and an amazing soul. Of course i've lost weight on the beggining. I've started as a eggs-lacto vegetarian, after that i've been just lacto-vegetarian, then i was vegan for 6 months. Now i'm back to lacto vegetarian. In my 6 months of being vegan i've lost 15 KG. When i got back to my lacto-vegetarian i got back 7 KG. Well, what to you think about it? Is this a kind off a prejudice? There are people that almost dont belive that You are vegetarian just because you are fat. Please, give your opinion.
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Fat is in everything... however the bad-cholesterol is only found in animal meat and if you don't eat then you wont have that problem... vegetables carry the good-cholesterol that we as humans need. as for bi-products that is only in processed foods and meat. essentially if you cut those things out you wont have those issues, I hope this helps...

When I say bi-products, I'm talking about eggs and dairy. Dairy products contain varying amounts of the bad cholesterol, depending on the fat content. Egg yolks also contain bad cholesterol.

Vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains do not contain cholesterol although they might contain poly and mono unsaturated fats which can effect cholesterol levels. I believe the only time veggies have cholesterol is if they're prepared fried.

I'm with you on cutting out processed foods. If it has more than 4 ingredients including any I can't pronounce, I take a pass :p

Being a vegetarian doesn't mean that the person will either be super skinny or obese. We have our different natural body shapes that our bodies gravitate towards and that's totally fine.

One of the reason why some vegetarian, and I was one of the culprit, who gained weight was because consuming a ton of dairy product. I was eating out a lot due to my having to travel for my work and the only vegetarian things offered was cheese this and cheese that and they tried to make it taste better by frying and salting everything possible. Very bad idea. Needless to say I gained weight in the beginning. As soon as I started to eat home cooked meals, which is very vegetable and fruits heavy, I shed the weight I've gained and more.

Another is that the body is finally getting good fat into the system and so it will stash up a bit. I remember when I asked my brother to go vegetarian and I'll be his nutritionist and chef. He gained weight in the beginning, because his body was super-duper happy that it can finally "sort out" the junk it stashed off in the body fat and it needed plenty of good fat to leach out the impurities from the body and excrete them. It was pretty shocking for him (and I am sure others) who initially change their diet, but as the body saturate itself with good fat and burn off the really bad ones then the weight just drops off miraculously and effortlessly.

There are definitely other reasons for weight gaining/ losing for being a vegetarian and vegan. I saw the McDonald Documentary @Jack H was mentioning and calories definitely plays a major role. The body's ability to absorb nutrients and calories actually differs from person to person and as a person grows older. Of course vegan snacks are healthier than the conventional snacks, but snacks are still snacks and really and should be consumed in moderation.

Hi Bianca:)

There are a lot of fat vegetarians. Dairy, esp. cheese, is the worst thing you can do to your body, especially if you want to lose weight. Constipation causes obesity. I have a wellness website and I wrote a post about constipation here: constipation-illness-pain-weight-gain-and-natural-remedies/   I plan to write specifically about weight-loss in the next month or so.

I've been a vegetarian for a year now, and vegan for 2 months. I recently tried some clothes from last year and I was surprised to see how many inches i've lost from my waistline. Yeah, consuming veggies on a daily basis really does translate into a slimmer waistline but make no mistake that for a healthy strong body you really need 3 things. 1 of which you did mention which is adopting a healthier life style (I would really encourage you to lay off the dairy because it is anything but healthy), but also you need to implement some exercise, and of course rest (sleep). Balance everything out and you should start seeing greater improvements if that's what you're seeking. Good luck in your journey!


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