Hello people! I'm here to try understand your point about it. Do You agree with this sentence? I've been vegetarian for 4 years and i'm still chubby. I dont care about it, i know that I have a healthy life and an amazing soul. Of course i've lost weight on the beggining. I've started as a eggs-lacto vegetarian, after that i've been just lacto-vegetarian, then i was vegan for 6 months. Now i'm back to lacto vegetarian. In my 6 months of being vegan i've lost 15 KG. When i got back to my lacto-vegetarian i got back 7 KG. Well, what to you think about it? Is this a kind off a prejudice? There are people that almost dont belive that You are vegetarian just because you are fat. Please, give your opinion.
Have a nice day.

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I am vegan for animals not for me but when i switched from vegetarian to vegan i noticed positive changes in my general apearance so i think at it as a bonus

Well I'm lacto-vegetarian aswell right now and allthoug milk is said to be healthy it's nothing that will help you stay thin :P Especially when it comes to cheese, creams and whatsoever. But I think one main point why you loose weight by beeing vegan could be that you really can buy less ready-to-cook stuff with hidden calories and stuff.

But it could also just be a coinsidence. Except the point of gaining back weight as you allowed yourself to eat milk and stuff so if I do something like that on myself I overdo it and gain weight :D

But all in all I can say that for me it doesn't matter what I eat or not but when and how much - I didn't get thin by being vegetarian. I can only loose weight if I actually do something for it.

Milk is anything but healthy

I agree with the previous post, being vegetarian doesn't mean being thin. 

And cheese and cream can be a reason of gaining weight (if you eat a lot of these products).

yes they make ur body release lot insulin

Also, they contain growth hormones (for the little calves to grow) that make us grow, too :) - That's why my great-grandma always told me that dairy is only for children.

How much you weigh is a function of how much you eat, the more calories you consume the more you are going to weigh.
Vegans and vegetarians tend to weigh less I think because we pay attention to what we eat more than most other people. But some vegans are also on vegan junk food diets. Not only that meat, dairy and eggs are high in calories and bad fats, so not eating them can lead to eating less calories.
Ultimately though weight is mostly a function of calorie intake and burning calories, so it really has nothing to do with veganism or vegetarianism.

Yeah I think the point that veg*ns watch out what they eat is very important. People say you have to watch out that you get enough proteins and stuff and then you maybe recognize you're eating too much hydrates (at the beginning at least). You think about what you eat and maybe you start with watching out when you eat what and how much of it to stay healthy. It can lead to get thinner but doesn't mean that it will automatically happen.

You're both right and wrong here.

Foods like nuts, seeds, whole-grains and legumes are full of calories. Nevertheless, they are a very important part of a healthy diet, and have been linked to weight loss. Why? Because they are also rich in fiber (that improves digestion and keeps you full for a long period of time), and your body also burns more calories when digesting them. So, even though they are high in calories you should consume them regularly for their health benefits.

Meanwhile, refined carbohydrates(sugar, wheat, starch foods), alcohol are high in calories, but low in nutrients and they are also highly digestible, the body doesn't burn much energy to digest them.

I agree that we are more conscious of what we put in our bodies! !!! So that contribute to weight loss ;) when I first became vegan I lost 17 lbs in 3 months, I realized for me ut was the dairy, I was previously eating way to much dairy! !! I Remained vegan for 8 months. Then startted slipping in chocolate back into my diet...ughh Halloween! Ahaha so I can no longer call my self vegan, although my diet is 90% vegan. I have started making more soups and juicing at home, so that should help loose the 12 lbs I o ut back on lol

Hi Bianca, I am also lacto-vegetarian. I started gaining weight with age about 3 years ago when I had been lacto-ovo vegetarian for 14 years. Now I am lacto-vegetarian, which means that I subtracted eggs. In addition, I have also subtracted cheese, a big culprit in weight gain. Add to that, I subtracted olive oil. With these changes, I lost 20 pounds. Now, I only eat a few spoons of goat yogurt daily. Watch what you eat in terms of high caloric density, which would include cheese, nuts, and an excess of soy products. Stay away from oils. Eat the whole food instead. So instead of olive oil or flax oil, eat olives or ground flax seeds instead.

Hi mongi.  Conventional weight loss wisdom Which is probably pseudo-wise anyways.. says:  Weight loss is ultimately a matter of math with calories in vs out.  

I have heard a lot about the effect of water on weight loss and would like to know more. Regarding how to flush fat out literally as I have heard and you've said now.  It even seems as though you are saying by drinking more water it speed digestion and then reduce the amount of calories absorbed by intestines???  IDK where can i read more in detail.  Thank you!


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