Hello veggie friends

I'm  so happy to find this website to communicate with veggies;I am a lacto ovo vegetarian since september 2006 and still happy with it. People arounds me are really strange in their reaction toward my food habbit!!

they always  confront  me with odd questions like:

1-Hey, if killing animals is gonna hurting them ,why God didn't forbid eating them?

2-Hey, if you were lost in a dark forest, lions would surely eat you and your being vegetarian won't let you survive! this is the survival of the strongest rule! wake up !!

3-Hey, but you don't look skinny in poor shape like vegetarians must look

I always respond wisely to their questions but after few days they still think themselves witty and ask me again those stupid questions

what will be your answers of the above questions?

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1) Religion is open to interpretation (and that's putting it lightly).

2) You have the luxury and intellect to be compassionate at this current moment (also, if there were no food for herbivores how long will the ecosystem last)

3) look at other species elephants gorillas that are veg. It's not what you eat when it comes to  fibrous veg it's the amount you eat.

It is'nt a weird thing. On the other hand I consider it a sane thing. Not killing animals for food and other needs also means indulging in non violence which I feel reaches out to God in heaven. By not killing animals u r free of sin. That should be a beautiful thing to do.

1. for those that require some religious rationale, they should be aware that the Garden of Eden was a garden. There are no animals in a garden. Only fruits and vegetables

2. Lions were designed to eat meat. They have canine teeth just as dogs, cats and wolves. since they are designed to eat other animals,they do not get heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.- unlike humans who eat what they shouldn't be eating do.

3. I suppose when most everyone else is fat and obese and unhealthy looking, it would appear that people who are not like that are going to stand out. however, there are two types of skinny people. First one are the healthy skinny who eat fruits and vegetables and have really nice complexions, good muscle tone and a good attitude. Then there are the unhealthy skinny people who are pale and have awful looking complexions, poor muscle tone, and are mostly depressed, in a bad mood all the time, or otherwise just unhealthy looking with an attitude to boot. the ignorant individuals who are asking you these questions need to learn to differentiate the two. there is nothing at all enviable or impressive about the latter skinnies and only ignorant or unintelligent people would lump them in with the former.
When people start giving me crap I just say "I'm a vegetarian because all life is scared to me, I don't want to eat a dead body it's pretty gross if you ask me." And it pretty much ends all other ignorant trying to be smart ass questions.

This questions are really weird, no wonder you get annoyed when people ask them !

Don't know about 2 or 3, but, even though I'm an atheist, I'd answer n°1 with "Do you really think Jesus (or Buddha or Allah, depending on who's asking) would approve of THIS ? " (and then you show them a video of a factory farm or a slaughterhouse, annoying meat-eaters really hate it when you force them to acknowledge how their meat is produced).

Hopefully, then, they won't ask again :-) 


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