Hello veggie friends

I'm  so happy to find this website to communicate with veggies;I am a lacto ovo vegetarian since september 2006 and still happy with it. People arounds me are really strange in their reaction toward my food habbit!!

they always  confront  me with odd questions like:

1-Hey, if killing animals is gonna hurting them ,why God didn't forbid eating them?

2-Hey, if you were lost in a dark forest, lions would surely eat you and your being vegetarian won't let you survive! this is the survival of the strongest rule! wake up !!

3-Hey, but you don't look skinny in poor shape like vegetarians must look

I always respond wisely to their questions but after few days they still think themselves witty and ask me again those stupid questions

what will be your answers of the above questions?

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Great answers!! I'm going to have to apply them next time. And there WILL be a next time. :P

Hi, and Welcome!  The questions being thrown at you are from ignorant people.  They do not know what it is like to be a Vegetarian, so they ask questions to you about things TOTALLY UNRELATED. 

#1.  Is a religious question and Vegetarianism is NOT a Religion.  Therefore, the question is irrelevant to your "food habits" and I would explain it as such.

#2.  Hypothetical questions can only be answered, hypothetically.  Which means, it's a guess at what you may or may not do, and no one really knows until they experience it.  So again, the question is irrelevant to your "food habits." I would once again, re-direct the conversation (in a polite way of course)

#3.  Stereotyping.  Yet another way ignorant people look at issues they are uninformed or misinformed on.  Vegetarians come in all shapes and sizes, just like everyone else in the world.  That is the response I would give.

My final thought for you to remember is this:  People do not want to hear what you have to say, they want you to listen to them talk.  A simple smile and nod is my only response at times, because over the years I have learned to conserve my energy and voice for only those whose have a heart that is ready to listen and a head that is ready to learn. 

Exactly, little do they know, or want to know for that matter.  It is frustrating at best.  But confidence in who you are and what you believe, needs NO explanation.  Hence why I let them "strut off and watch them trip over there own EGOS

Back at ya Nich, I like your style :)

So yea, this ^^^ ha

Vegetarianism is nothing new if you stop tripping about it, it may more easily become the common norm how do you expect carnivores to accept this way of life if you keep tooting your own horn? Wow you dont eat meat well i don't eat celery get over it and spread the word of god wich is every creature in gods green earth matters and no animal deserves to suffer.

1 - God only exists in a book written in a time when society was different.

2 - Some animals need to kill to survive, humans don't.

3 - Why would we look in poor shape? I follow a healthy diet.

Nice one Vicky Jane you almost written as I want to written ..
Yeah for the first que.i would like to enhance by saying that"we are born on this earth once in a few thousand years so that we can work with many types of people in new circumstances to refine our souls and for humanity" So In truest sense we should really do something for humanity includes animals .. So live them their own life.
Regarding 2nd Para that's why we are human because we have brain to differentiate b/w good bad , weak strong , coward brave , so we should be merciful towards everyone.
3rd Para is a myth completly ., I got six packs in a 3months of a short span of time and full satisfied fitness with any non veg. Diet .

Those are really weird questions, haha. God... hmm, which God? Some Gods did forbid certain meat, in fact they do so in the Christian Bible also. It says a few times not to eat of any animal with an uncloven (or was it cloven) hoof, because the meat is unclean. Then again, the Christian Bible also says you can sell your daughter as a slave, so maybe we shouldn't use it as an absolute compass of moral authority. God also didn't ban doing meth, I wouldn't recommend that either. I also LOVE how people try and compare vegetarianism to a life and death situation, as if they were comparable. Our lifestyle has NOTHING to do with survivalism. That's like saying, "Oh you're against murder are you?! Let's see you be so high and mighty when you are stuck on an island and you are starving to death! You telling me you wouldn't murder that person and eat them to survive! Wake up!" Haha ;)!

Definitely feel your pain, sometimes I just get bombarded with stupid questions all day long, which is frustrating because you think- this person doesn't really care, this person won't ever care, trying to explain logic to them is a waste of time.

1: Fuck braindead religion!

2: I'll fuck the lion up if needed.

3: Because they look (most of the time) better than meat eaters.

1. the question is just absurd because this diet has nothing to do with religion at all!  2. what a crazy hypothetical question, and the answer is there are mushrooms and berries to munch on. 3. I know some pretty buff vegetarians, just eat beans and you are fine.


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