On my website I just received the following comment:

To sugest that a vegetarian lifestyle doesn’t cause unnecessary animal suffering is naive. All crops grown have to be protected from pests. Rabbits etc need to be controlled in and around fields rats and mice in and around storage and processing facilities. Insect control is needed at all levels.
We cause animal suffering nearly by our displacing them with dwellings, industry and crops.
Animals on farms suffer far less than animals in the wild. We protect them from disease, parasites and predation. We guarantee there genetic inheritance is perpetuated.
There are far greater environmental threats than animal farming.
There are far greater health threats than meat eating.

I figured this would encourage an interesting discussion here!

I don't know where to begin! How would you respond? 

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But I'm sure farm animals who are pumped full of hormones, kicked, raped and tortured would much rather be free in the while where they can at least die of natural causes (let's hope). The way farm animals are treated is horrid.

And I don't eat meat not only because of what was mentioned above, but also because the fact eating something that once had a face and a will to live. And also the fact rotting, decomposing flesh on my plate isn't the most appealing meal.

Would someone feel happy to be in a farm?? I don't think so. Everyone wants to live freely, and so animals.

And I don't believe animals are happier on farms, they are never treated well, that's the fact. 

I do not want to insult anybody, but I do want to express my opinion. I think That Vegetarians are almost as bad as meat eaters, and sometimes I hate them even more because they KNOW what is going on, but they still ignore it. When I am saying They, I mean not every Vegetarian, but Vegetarianism as a whole. Dairy industry Is SICK ! You are enslaving another species ! You are stealing calves MILK so obviously it is convenient for dairy industry to steal the calve immediately after birth from her mother, and slaughter The calve for Meat ( VEAL ). 

From a logical point of view. Dairy industry is F^%#D !
From a ethical point of view. Dairy industry is SICK ...

And I think eating some birds species, mostly Chickens, menstrual period is just as well sick with killing all the male chicks at birth on a conveyer belt .

How many people have you heard of that we're raised eating meat to jump directly into veganism? Vegetarianism (or even pescitarianism) can be a stepping stone to veganism and these things take time.

I agree the dairy industry is in a lot of ways worse than the meat industry but eating meat consists of placing a dead body into your mouth. The disconnect is much easier to achieve with dairy. This is why you'll find so many people that are aware of the suffering involved still eating dairy.

Stepping stone for Black people was from being a slave to being "just" segregated". Just becuase something is less bed in some peoples opinion doesn't mean it is good in any way.

I am happy that there is some change, but even just asking if Vegetarianism is causing animal suffering is just WRONG.

I hate myself because it took me 1 year to stop eating meat ... but fortunately it took me 4 weeks to switch from vegetarian to vegan.

Animals aren't ours to own as Pets, Milk stealing, Menstrual period stealing or enslavement for amusement ( Zoo, Sea worlds, circus etc.) 

I do agree with you :)

It's easy to forget your state of mind when you first go veggie to vegan, I thought the vegan message was being pushed too hard (I don't know but that's cause I'm vegan, haha).

I do feel as though vegetarians are still contributing to animal cruelty but it IS a stepping stone and we should be extremely supportive of those choosing to give up meat. It's much easier to educate them about veganism from that platform than to convince a meat eater to switch straight to a plant based diet. What this person has posted on your website is the usual 'bring those vegans down a peg or two' spiel we can expect from meat eaters. 

But I don't agree with veggies who stay stuck in, what I feel, is a transitional phase. Those who become vegetarian with no intention of ever giving up eggs and dairy because the egg and dairy industry is still very very cruel and wrong. 

We're all in this together :)

But isn't it that the people who eat meat causing more suffering and all the meat that is needed to feed them must be produced in a short period of time and this is causing the suffering. Animals are treated like things, like a product. I know there are natural ways to keep mice and rats away. You don't always have to kill them. I think we have enough food for everyone on this planet and noone needs to suffer but because some are greedier than others, so many have to starve.

This is how I would reply to the ''vegetarianism causes animal suffering''

It's they who are the naive ones! Or maybe they just have an ulterior motive, like being in the animal farming industry!

A recent study stated livestock rearing contributes to at least 55% of global warming!  While, heart disease, mans number one killer, is caused primarily by eating meat & diary because of it's high fat/cholesterol levels, hormones,preservatives & antibiotics!

If the world embraced a vegetarian diet, there would be no need to grow the unsustainable amount of crops needed to feed farmed animals! Therefore, less wildlife would be displaced, less animals would suffer and humans would benefit by becoming a calmer, healthier, less violent race!

Managed, trapped & neutered feral cat colonies could be used as a natural form of pest control around crops & storage area's to reduce the use of pesticides. Plus better storage containers, better health & hygiene & fences, etc.

Lastly, the biggest known predator to all animals (farmed or wild) is mankind & with today's technology & mans insatiable appetite's, animals all over the world are literally fighting a losing battle for their very lives and existence!

A farmed animal is not protected from predation, but instead, forced to face his ''biggest predator'' each & every day! 

Every farmed animal suffers physically & mentally abuse. Most, forced to endure permanent confinement in cages barely bigger than their own bodies! A space that would most certainly drive the sanest of man or beast insane

A farmed animal is denied every basic right or pleasure and endures nothing but fear & pain for their entire, short, miserable lives.

A farmed animal is denied the right to choose their own mate, or breed naturally, or at a rate that their bodies and nature intended. They are denied the right to socialize, they are denied the right to form bonds or nurture their own young, and most importantly, they are denied their freedom!

It's about time farmers & the world in general stop kidding themselves and acknowledged the sad but true facts.

I'd like to finish with a quote from a very wise, anonymous person.

''Farm animals do not live long happy lives, free from disease or predators. They do not run or play in open green pastures and they do not walk happily and willing into the slaughter houses or conveniently hold their own breaths until they die so that humans can satisfy his or her own taste buds.Farm animals are dragged into slaughter houses, kicking & screaming & fighting until the very end! They experience sheer terror and pain as they are forced to wait in line and not only bear witness to the slow, painful, cruel massacre of their own comrade's but also forced to endure the same''. 

Wow!! I don't know where to start on what this person has said!! But yes I agree with fizzyegg. It's stepping stones. I'm vegetarian. Slowly going vegan. I don't buy milk and butter anymore and some other diary products. My kids do not drink cows milk no more. I'm slowly breaking in my whole family.

Will we be happy when we know we are going to be the meal for others?


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