Hi all, this is my first real discussion post, and I have a question for the vegfriend community.

Becoming a vegetarian hasn't been too hard in terms of transition to a non-meat dietary lifestyle, however one of the hardest parts about being a vegetarian is how meat eaters react to your decision and what is even harder for myself is the noticing the lack of empathy some meat eaters can have when it comes to animal welfare. For example, at my workplace (I work in a restaurant, which I cannot stand) the cook and I were having a discussion and my manager walked up and starting blabbing to everyone I was a vegetarian. It is not that I keep it a secret, if someone asks me I am more than happy to have a friendly discussion about my diet. I don't like telling everyone I meet just because not everyone is open minded and receptive, and I believe work is not really the place to get into a heated discussion about my lifestyle. The cook started talking about how vegetarians eat chicken and fish, so I politely corrected him on the terminology and definition and told him that chickens and fish are some of the most abused and mistreated animals on the planet. I offered to send him some videos on the subject and he then told me, and I quote, "I have already seen a lot of that stuff, it doesn't phase me". I feel my relationship with this person is now damaged, as seeing footage of mistreated animals changed me as a person. 

Does anyone else know what I am talking about? Are some relationships damaged between yourself and new/old friends because of some their attitudes towards animal welfare, or do you think I am just being melodramatic? How do others deal with this lack of empathy?

I would really love to hear peoples thoughts and opinions on the matter, but please try to remain respectful :)

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I think the best way to foster your desires to change the issues of animal abuse is to focus on your circle of influence. LEss on your circle of concern. Sometimes no matter how much we try to change others, or worry about things or people we cannot change, the worse we feel and the more we feel that no one is listening. When we focus on our circle of influence or things we can actually physically change and be a part of, then we are creating more incredible energy and personal victories towards animal rights. 

The most powerful feeling is knowing someone more screwed up than us has no influence over how we think or act. We chose every feeling and action, so just chose not to react to ignorance and instead focus your incredible energy on making a difference! :P 


It sounds so simple when you put it like that, Sue. I think you are 100% right, I just never thought of it that way. Thank you for your reply :)

I'm not the confrontational type, lol, so after he said that I just walked away. This person and I are obviously never going to understand each other and I don't think I really want to understand someone that is so unsympathetic to the welfare of animals. Thank you for your reply :)

Me either, I think the rudeness in person stuns you. Because they wouldn't talk so arrogant and rudely about other personal things in your life.

I definitely understand what you mean. We're still a vast minority, and once you realize the evil inside it all, it's disheartening when others refuse to take this into account. Feels like you're awake and all the people around you still want to remain asleep. 

It is the same thing with fishing. I hate fishing, it is as barbaric as hunting to me, and so many people I know fish regularly and talk to me about it. They brag about the size of the fish they catch and how it struggled on the end of a sharp hook but they "succeeded" in catching it - like it isn't a defenseless animal. What else hurts is my family get my little cousins involved in this mass murder of water life and they run up to me and brag about it as well. Most of the time I feel like everywhere I look there is more animal suffering and as soon as I try to explain my point of view someone jumps down my throat. Sometimes I just sit and cry thinking of all the death and pain animals have suffered at the hands of humanity. 


But as Sue said, I suppose I can only focus on what I can change not what I am powerless to prevent. 


Agreed, very barbaric* Ahh it didn't post! Computer is being a pain. But I agree, it's treated as "sport" and "game" when they are beings, living creatures. Think it was something like 90% of large sea life is gone from the ocean now? Sad, sad world we're living in, and people cling to their barbarism. 

Sadly, in today's world, it is not okay to be different.  You go against the norm, you get the crap end of the stick even when minding your own business.  I changed to a vegetarian not too long ago for health reasons.  Since then I've seen a lot of disturbing videos and that meat I once said 'I couldn't live without' is not appealing in the slightest.  I don't even miss it. 

I think Sue is right as well, focus on the change you are and can be. 

I understand. Same thing with my family. I just hate it. Fishing is cruel,an act of utter of total selfishness.

if you ruin your relationships with manager of the restaurant you hate working in i think it will be great kick in your ass to find a job you would actually enjoy. 

Lol, I agree. I am just about to finish a qualification that will allow me to enter a different workplace industry all together. 

That's wonderful :)!! Glad you let it motivate you xo You don't need to be treated by people like that, who are so heartless about animals. "I've seen it all" and it didn't move him- that's scary.


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