Let me begin this discussion by wishing all my Muslims comrades a very happy Eid today.

Eid Mubarak ..

Actually qurban, the animal slaughtering process ordained for Muslims, have an esoteric and exoteric meaning. While qurban externally refers only to Muslim dietary laws, inwardly qurban requires that we sacrifice our life to the devotion and service of God, and that we sacrifice our beastly qualities instead of the life of an animal.

It is mentioned in sura “Al-Ma’ida” that within the limits of Mecca, most holy place, slaughtering of animals is prohibited.

If someone kills an animal inadvertently within the limits of Mecca, one should then leave one of his pet animals there. In case one has no pet animals, one should give in charity food equivalent in value to the price of the killed animal. Otherwise the offender must fast as many days as the number of the poor who would have been fed under the second alternative. Thus killing animals is a sin and therefore, it is prohibited in a holy place like Mecca.

How many of you think that Allah meant all of us to not harm animals and kill them ? And so is the slaughtering of millions of animals all across the world on Eid justified ?

By posting this here, I mean no disrespect to Islam. Islam, for me is a religion of peace and love ..

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For me, the teaching of anonymous giving to the needy is especially touching. One should not be egotistic when giving, but be humble to have an opportunity to help others. =) I like this article noting one of the good anonymous deed: Man gives Barefoot Bus Passenger The Shoes Off His Feet

I think a lot of religions condone war on holy grounds. the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him...waged war against his neighbors for righteous purposes, according to his view.

I am atheist and I live in Indonesia, the country with the larger Muslim population the world (around 90% of 250 million people).

It's quite hard to find vegetarian Muslim here, but I know some of them, not that much, only a few of them are vegetarian. They live normally, and they do celebrate the Eid Mubarak and Eid al-Adha without slaughtering animals. I must admit it's quite hard for them who is vegetarian because their family will exclude them, and the society too. So I think it's very important for us to support them. 

though muslims have their biases in their religion... i've seen so many hindus these days eating meat and stuff.... only 30 % indians have remained vegetarians these days

I have heard this before, that the Quaran teaches that we must subdue our beastly nature...but I don't think that eating meat is prohibited.

the prophet mohammed, peace be upon him...said that when killing an animal, you must kill it fast and without it seeing the blade that will kill it. if you allow it to see the blade, then you have killed it twice. this was his compassion on beasts that were killed for food. he allowed it in the name of Allah.

what quaran do you read? which sect do you follow?

I also think that each person interprets religious texts according to his/her own understanding and to say that animals were allowed to be killed for food may have been true in those ancient times,

Quaran is not so ancient. It was written less than 2000 years ago. My only point was to claim that religions don't condone violence or killing of animals is completely wrong and also different than just having wishful thinking or to believe that times have changed and killing is no longer necessary.

I mean that we need not twist the past to fit our present or create a future. I think we have to accept the past for what it was and admit to ourselves that our own religion may be faulty and not to exact word of God but the word of Man.

Personally, I think the perfect harmony lies in Buddhist teaching which is more ancient than Islam. Buddha did not forbid the eating of meat but forbid the killing of animals. It means those who want to commit violence will have to suffer, but those who do not commit violence will not suffer. So there is no conflict about what God has said or not said or trying to change the scripture to suit our lifestyle. It is clear that being vegetarian is a good ideal for a Buddhist and if they do eat meat, at least they should not kill the animal themselves, or tell others to kill the animal or have any knowledge or suspicion whatsoever that the animal was killed for their meal specifically.

Many Hindus also believe that Buddha was an avatar of Vishnu, so in that case, I think they should also fid wisdom in his specific statements.

The problem with Islamic world is more beyond animal cruelty. In my experience, i've met tonnes of muslims from south asia as well as middle east and they're genuinely nice people. But most people find it hard to go against the strict adherence towards islamic traditions because of the fear of few fundamentalist people. And those who claim to be the protector of fundamentalism in islam are using every luxury of the western world. It's really hard for any muslim to do anything against the strict principles imposed on them and that's why you'll find them most rigid to any changes!

So what would you think can change the hearts of muslim people and make them think about alternative food? I mean, it's really hard to imagine for me. Especially indian muslims, I find them most rigid to ch

Hi sister, I sent you a friend request I hope that's ok. I am still learning Quran, but it is written Let the human being consider his food! Which God has provided fruits and vegetables, to provide life support for you and your animals. In all of God's Holy books. God calls for compassion and love and justice. It is an injustice to slaughter animals for any reason. Those who show mercy shall be given mercy on the day of judgment. Allah loves animals. They are innocent. God loves all of creation equally we are all God's children. All created things, sun, rocks, angels, animals, all created entities are products of God's creation and we have no right to kill or destroy anything our Creator made. Allah only calls for killing in the cause of injustice. Animals have not waged war against us. They are innocent. Criminal hunters and butchers, and corpse eaters are clearly unjust.
There are quite a few Muslim Vegan which surprised me as well. You guys might want to check out islamicconcern.com which offers some very enlightening thoughts on this subject.

To me, cruelty to animals is more of a cultural issue rather than a religious one. Isn't compassion a core value in Buddhism? Yet find me one Buddhist majority country where vegetarianism is mainstream. On the other hand, eating meat is not forbidden in any of Hindu scriptures. Yet most Hindus, at least historically, have been vegetarian.
So people are simply too lazy to use their brains on matters of conscience and morality.


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