Hi guys, basically, I'm aspiring to become a video game designer with the intention of portraying important/controversial and needed message through the medium of video games. I feel passionately about vegetarianism and veganism and I wanted to implement the horrors that personally afflict me but I wanted to get some research and ideas on what makes the current meat industry so horrifying to you (If you've come to that conclusion) and if there are any ideas that you would personally like to see within a video game. It would be a great help as I intend to take this idea further into university and then create a working game with our ideas. It would be great to hear back from anyone, thank you C:

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thats an excellent idea. i hate factory farming. theyr kept in crampt conditions, some cant evern turn around or lie down, and when they are taken to the slaughter house the many animals arent stunded properly so are consiouse and feel every second when horribly murdered. the production of foie gras. its production and sale band in many parts of the world. over fishing and removeing some animals only food source, use of drift nets and targating dolphins to find tuna. miss lableing food products, last year horses were being killed and sold as beef and a few uears ago the company happy egg were selling battery farm eggs as free range. expencive restaurants that have live lobster. animal shelters that kill pets they cant adopt out. animal experiments/ testing. thats just a few things that spring to mind i could go on all day coz theres so much crulety in the world. viva have alot of information on their web sight.


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