So this has been an idea that just started to form.  I would like to one day maybe start my own vegetarian restaurant.  I don't where to begin is the problem.  I just would like to like to see people try a different variety of restaurant.  Now I know they do exist, but it seems like you need to find them, at least where I am at the current moment.  And if not a restaurant at first, maybe start a stand outside somewhere.  What do you all think?

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Go for it! There are like a billion restaurants in Honolulu, but finding a vegetarian option is like finding a unicorn shooting rainbows out it's rump! There is one raw vegan place downtown and they seem to do really well. I ate there once and I have to say I am just not that evolved yet! The food tasted like grass. I am a vegetarian trying to go more vegan but if you are not raised that way it's hard. I don't like most of the food vegans eat. Good luck!

You can check out Sufood & Elemen which come from Taiwan.

They have Outlets in Singapore thus personally did tried them few times so far. 

Both are Vegan & Vegetarian Fine Dining Restaurants
Sufood is Italian Cuisine.
Elemen consist of Different Cuisine like Korea, Japan, Italian and etc. 

For non-vegetarian friends, some of the dishes caught their attention and kinda like it too.

It seems good idea, there are not much vegeterian restaurants, so we need more.

Actually can try Delivery/Catering through Online. 

might able to encourage and benefits others to consume Vegetarian/Vegan foods without much travelling.


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