Does anyone happen to know of any good novels  (fiction) either with a veg theme or with characters that are veg(??!) Just curious...

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yes..... 'The End of Mr Y' and 'Pop co' - Scarlett Thomas, I think she herself is vegan? the character in the book is vegetarian, its a great read. And it does get mention a few times. They are the only two books of hers that I have read, but she has plenty out there of which I have yet to read :) 

The funky cover drew me in and it just happened to be veggie as well as a good story. Win, win. In regards to 'The End of Mr Y'

Thanks, Francesca. I'll check it out!


I bought "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert A. Heinlein and made the mistake of lending it to a friend while reading another book. The concept of it is very impressive... a man raised on Mars coming to Earth for the first time and the clash of hyper-consumerism hedonistic Earth culture to his more enlightened Mars culture.

I am very interested in finding out if the Mars colonial culture is vegetarian - as only the smartest of our species was sent there.

I'll get the book back and tell you if my supposition is accurate.

Good one! I haven't read it--but I am a huge fan of dystopian classics. Unfortunately, I have not found one yet with any veg. mention.

huge fan of dystopian classics? nice.

Hi Kimberly,

I wrote my first fiction novel with a character named Lily who can talk to animals, in book one she clearly knows vegetarian diet is the right path for her. Animal rights will be a huge topic in book two(work in progress). The book was inspired by my two black cat rescues. The book promotes the adoption of black cats-as they are the highest to be euthanized each year (both cats and little kittens).

Feel free to check out my books and support independant authors like me who want to help animals :) Please spread the word if you are drawn to it.

you can find it on amazon True Form is the title author Sarah Christine Lalonde.

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