I just read somewhere that being vegetarian is a sin. The writer said that the animals were created in this world to act as a source of food. WTF!! 

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:) thank you, I really hate when people use religion to guilt vegetarians into ratting meat.
This is probably sourced in the Bible when God told Noah that every animal on the earth could be eaten (not the blood). I've had this thrown at me multiple times, but I just tell them that I haven't been commanded to eat meat, therefore I won't. People will say and do some crazy things when you tell them you're a vegetarian. It's quite entertaining sometimes!

And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
Genesis 1:29 - First page of the bible

That doesn't say anything about eating the dead blood and flesh of an animal.

that doesn't say anything about eating blood of animals, but it does not forbid it either. the word "meat" hear implies food.

The one who said this statement is indeed a terrible sinner himself. Who can be more sinful than the zombies whose conscience is so anesthetized by their own excessive gluttony and lust which have urged them to go out and zombify many others?

I've read across an article bullshitting weak and senseless arguments by a so called "PhD" yesterday. Those who use their intellects to indulge their beastly instincts are worse than any illiterates. Because an illiterate can be very honorable by having an angelic conscience. But the smartest maggot which has won the most feces for itself is still a maggot which is despicable in nature.

Who has the right to judge?! Sin is something the church made out to control the mass of people. Being a vegetarian is personal choice, being carnivore too. I won't judge people for what they eat and how they live, but I'd make a big fuss about it, if someone dares to say how I must live... Sinner or not - I will never change a thing!!!

The church began in the first century with the followers of Jesus, the word sin is based of the concept of morality so with that being said the church didn't make the concept of sin up but they did add to its description. I wish people would stop blaming other religions for what they perceive as a wrong, being a vegetarian comes from a sense of morality. All the church and other religious bodies did was organize their view of morality.

someone (obese) asked me this the other day when were arguing about nutrition. I think that to this, my best response is that yes the bible does say animals ARE provided, but it doesn't say REQUIRED and in today's day and age it is perfectly acceptable to get all the nutrients we need though other sources. It is also a sin to kill, and I'm sure Jesus would not have been fond of the way we raise and kill animals for consumption in today's society. Sigh, Christianity and other religions are supposed to support compassion.. 

That's not true...soo not killing gods creatures for self indulgence is a sin?? Yeah right

Exactly, its one thing to not want to eat the animal because you worship it that I can see how it would be a sin but not wanting to cause death to a sentient being is in no way sinful.

Dude is wrong adam and eve were Vegetarian!!!!


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