EDIT: seriously, i feel like you vegetarians are being even more judgmental and condescending to vegans... saying how vegans get a bad name because of this discussion. i guess we're all bad people and you guys are all better because you eat female reproductive byproducts.

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I agree. I USED to be a vegetarian  in the past and also this month but decided to become vegan. I also used to eat cheese pizza and think it was ok . same with using milk that was not made for us to use. we produce milk ourselves , why are we using  cow's milk? I find it horrible. 

I agree, I was a vegetarian for a year before becoming a vegan. Looking at vegetarians now, I almost feel anger towards them. Eggs are the absolute worst culprit when it comes to animal abuse. 
How can someone value the taste of an egg so much that they are willing to sacrifice the lives of millions of chicks to be ground alive into pet food and nuggets or to suffocate slowly under their brothers in a trash can? How is someone able to do that and still say "I love animals. I don't eat them because I cherish their life." It's hypocritical and disgusting.
I honestly thought I was the only one who had those sorts of feelings.

I still am delighted to meet a vegetarian though.

stop thinking that vegetarians are bad. They are trying to help too just like you guys did. Calm down because once you were a vegetarian. At least they are not eating at mcdonalds and shit. You were once a vegetarian yourself. Would you like it if a vegan came up to you when you were a vegetarian and said, YOU'RE NOT HELPING! You eventually did become vegan. Be happy that they are trying to help unlike people who don't care at go to mcdonalds all the time.

Be happy that they care and arn't uppity about it.

<3 keep helping animals <3

Finally a voice of sanity!! Well said April!!!!!

Fiinally someone who can think and not judge! 

Thank you I quite agree, I myself am an ovo vegetarian and the only reason I eat eggs is because I know they love a good life and aren't in their spacious coop all the time. Milk? No thank you. Cheese? No thank you. Fish? No thank you. But isn't it better that we have all these people who don't eat meat? I know I used to, think back to how much meat you consumed or cheese, milk, whatever. For every vegetarian that doesn't eat meat there is that much less murder being condoned. And I find that vegetarians are easier to educate than meat eaters. Just saying. Kind of hypocritical of yourself to think down upon someone like that. Well said April, bravo!

Couldn't agree more!  Vegans and vegetarians judging each other.  I didn't think that kind of crap went on.  I'm a new vegetarian.  I ate my last piece of meat a week ago today.  I'm already cutting milk out of my diet.  I found I like So Delicious, coconut milk.  I'm looking into becoming more vegan.  I just find it strange we all have to have these labels of what we are.  I will never eat meat again.  I'm doing my research online to make sure I get the right nutrition.  

Well done for going veggie :) we all deserve credit for the effort we put in.

Hey! Congrats! I have been Veggie since last November. One of my best friends is Vegan so I like trying different things with her as well as going shopping. I am still new so Vegan is not for me just yet. Im still learning how to eat on a budget. 

I love Almond Milk. I think it tastes amazing! Better than soy. 

That is awesome, well done! I am also a vegetarian, for about ten years, mostly eat vegan though. :-) I think alot of people just dont know what is going on. All those supermarkets and companies make it look like everything is fine, there is a constant confusion. People need to know what is really going on, and I think we shouldnt fight those that are getting in the right way, but motivate them and help out :) So... If you need some help on your nutrition adventure :D We are right here for you :)

I totally agree with you! and it is still better to be a vegetarian than to be a meat-eater.


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