In a few months, my former employer will be opening up again for business and he is asking me if I want to return for another season. Here is my dilemma- It's an ice-cream shop- and when I worked there last year it was extremely hard for me because I am a vegan. I felt like I was serving up the animal bi-products of death to the people in my community. They even make burgers and such there and I struggled not to walk out many times because of the smell and guilt.

The job market out here is terrible and I am very lucky to have a job already lined up that pays well- but I do not want to be a hypocrite or sugar coat my values. What should I do?

I would never ever eat anything they serve there- they have no veg options. The only positive thing I could think of is that if I did work there again- maybe I could introduce some veg items to the menu- like veggie burgers and soy ice cream, maybe use the constant flow of public to spread awareness?

I'm just not so sure my boss would like the fact I was telling people where Ice cream comes from and how cruel it is... (even though I did that many times last year ;D )

I'm so torn and conflicted about this- any suggestions?

I want to make the animals proud by promoting a cruelty free lifestyle- and I feel like working at a place that serves up their flesh and bi products defeats that. Would it be so bad if I used my employment to  create veg options on the menu? or should I just decline? What would you do?

Thanks in advance!

Ci xo

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Aww, all i can say is follow your heart :)

Thank you Mandy :)

That's a rock and a hard place. I've seen others on here attacking people for not working for "ethical" companies, but I'm wondering what companies are ethical and hiring in today's world. It seems like you are prepared to bring a very positive spin to your position there, where you can do some good. Vegans should not corner themselves off from the rest of the world, it brings no awareness. If you feel that this can provide you a platform to help spread knowledge, I say- go for it. Working a job is not the same as a supply-and-demand type basis; i.e., if you meat on the belief "It won't make a difference if I don't" that is a fallacy, you are actively paying for meat to continue to be produced. However a job- a job is a job, and it will be filled by someone, it's the customers which determine the demand, not what you do, and not you by working there. So you are not actively contributing to harm, though I can see how it would make you feel uncomfortable. It's all what you're comfortable with. :)!

I always appreciate your practical, vegan savy inputs Lauren :) I would like to think I could possibly do some good- maybe spread some veggie love in the community, I suppose it's something I'll have to discuss with my boss. I like what you said about vegans not cornering themselves from the world- We do more good being out in the open instead of hiding our beliefs.
 Thanks Lauren!

=^-^= No problem! Good luck, especially in talking with your boss. I will bow down to you if you can get him to incorporate vegan products, haha! Crusade on.

Just slowly influence them to use vegan ice creams, coconut ice cream is the best! Undercover vegan!

Hahaha .. Same thing happened with me .. After completion of my law i got a placement in a company where i have to make agreements of animal bi products and leathers ., Initially i joined that company and afterwards i thought is this really i want to do ? Is this a purpose of my life ? Just for the sake of company agreement did i came to this world ? I worked there only for 16days and resigned from there and started practice of law. 

Phew tough decision but yeah even though i have to cut my expenses but I'AM FULLY SATISFIED :)

So do what your heart says :) because my belief this may postponed your success but in the end will definitely work worth fully :)

Thanks for all the great input everyone! I appreciate it!

I am a manager at a sub shop and I do things like cook cheesesteaks and chicken wings as well as scoop ice cream. People are always shocked to find that a vegan prepared their food, so it does open that line of communication once a co-worker spills the beans about my lifestyle. Many days it is hard, I am not going to lie. Very hard. But like you, this is a very difficult position I am in and for right now, it is part of my life and works around my second job schedule. I've inspired employees to eat healthier and even experiment with meatless days and the owner even wants to start a small vegan menu, so good things out of a not so great temporary situation...


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