I have been a member for quite some time now, but realized I never introduced myself.

My name is Anthony.  As the title suggest, I am a vegan and I am from New York.  I serve as Media & Public Outreach Director for Social Workers for Animals (SWA).  I also volunteer for a local non-profit, with whom I am partnering with to open a vegan soup kitchen.

In the Fall I will be returning full-time to school to earn my Masters in Social Work, and part-time to earn my MBA in Healthcare Management.  The focus of my research and practice focuses largely on geriatric social work, but I have a passion for ALL vulnerable communities -- human and non-human!

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Nice, Vegan Social Workers unite!!!!  I am a counsellor who works with youth and children in Canada.  Nice to meet you Anthony.

Ps Next year the Mrs will be there (NYC) for a month and I will visit.  We would love to hear about some good vegan restaurants there.  Cheers, Phil

Blossom (Columbus Ave) is supposed to be really good, and Babycakes (on the Lower East Side) is the place to be if you have a sweet tooth! 

sounds cool...are you going to open a vegan soup kitchen in NY for homeless etc? I know someone that might help you.

Yes, it will be a monthly vegan soup kitchen for anyone who needs the service -- homeless or not.  I could use all the help I can get!

Welcome :) Absolutely adore New York, been there quite a few times. Neat to meet another member from there! Your job sounds very fulfilling, I'm happy to hear you are doing work that impacts lives in such a great way. A vegan soup kitchen sounds perfect; I've done a vegan-can-food run, and hope to do more in the future. Your story is very inspiring :)

Really cool!

I've never been to New York before, but I'm actually moving there after the summer to study.

Looking forward to see all the vegan options they have there, I guess it's a lot, especially compared to Norway.

New York sounds absolutely amazing!

Really?! Where abouts, if you don't mind my asking? I think you will love it :) SUPER vegan friendly. Eat at Dirt Candy while you're there- it's expensive (what isn't there) but soooo good. We ate at a new vegan place every night. Craziness. Wish we had that kind of selection here.

hello! i am also from new york. welcome !

Hi Latia!  I see you are from Buffalo.  I went there once, to see H.H. The Dalai Lama.  I didn't get to go around the city, but have friends/children of friends who have gone to school up there.  They really liked it up there!


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