Hi All,

Looking to buy my new shoes so browsing the internet, so much vegan choices that I wanted to share, let me know if you know of any other places to search for great vegan shoes for work (office) and for normal life (comfortable) :)





Im in love with thease but cant yet justify the price tag!... Im working on my mind :)


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Hello Jasmine :)

Thanks for sharing those links, I was looking for vegan shoes lately.

I also recommend "Good guys don't wear leather": http://www.goodguys.fr/

And you're right, prices are way too high :/ But still, the shoes are very tempting ;)

Do you know about Vegetarian Shoes?;


I've been wearing their Acme shoes most days for a long time. They are expensive but each pair has lasted for many years;


Hey Jasmine! I am too from the U.K :) This list is great as I am always trying to expand my search on where to buy vegan and ethically produced goods.

I have purchased shoes for the office from here and they were great. I have linked women's shoes where they have heels, flats or boots. Let me know how you get on :) https://veenofs.com/collections/womens-shoes 

Very nice :)

I am bit confused about the vegetarian shoes as instead of doing window shopping and looking for this kind of shoes, one simply go for the many different online stores where you will get shoes of clothes and too comfortable.


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