Ok, we all know the archetypal image of a vegan held by most omnivores...... skinny, drawn, looking in need of a good 'feed'. I don't know about you - but I feel better, more vibrant, and yes I think I look better as a vegan. My hair and skin are better. I feel more confident and in control. Perhaps I even feel sexier. And that's saying something at 50. Does anyone else have their own self-image stories to bust the myth of the non-sexy vegan!?

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To elaborate a bit further, the "stereotypical image of a vegan" would be what most people "think" a vegan should look like; in other words, the projections of people's minds in regards to vegans. The "archetypal image of a vegan" would be the true image beyond mental projections, living the "real" vegan lifestyle in its highest potential.
An analogy would be: the stereotypical image of what scriptures refer to as "God", is that of the old dude in the clouds sending love and judgement. The archetypal image of God is like an indescribable, mysterious quantum wave of all that is. Archetypes images are beyond words, almost indescribable primitive forces in the collective unconscious that exist before language.

Turning "wise-ass" mode off now... Sorry, I just wanted to clarify of what in my opinion, its an important concept to recognize.


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