I am looking for a good Vegan Pro-biotic to take daily.  I have tried all different types, but not quite sold on one yet.  If you know of or take any that work for you, I would love a recommendation. 

I prefer capsule or liquid due to the fact that it digest more efficiently and more guarantee you are ingesting the true product as appose to pill, or being added to foods. 

The capsules I liked require 2-4, up to 4 x a day and that is to high maintenance for me.  Thanks!

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Great to know Nich.  I had no idea about the sauerkraut.  That stuff is good for you!  I am using a Kefir Berry/Coconut water, vegan certified.  But it is PRICEY...$30.00 a bottle, is a bit high for me.  I am trying to avoid milk anything, but will check out the Bragg apple cider vinegar one, that sounds good.  Thanks, I am adventurous my digestive system however, not so much :/

Cool on the Miso, yes, I can find it here no problem.   Once I finish my $30 bottle, I am doing your apple cider vinegar mix.  You said a few tablespoons daily?  I take mine b4 bedtime, what do you recommend?

Yes, it is raw and unfiltered.  I will try taking it twice a day thanks again.

soy yogurt, kombucha, good belly, ferments--I prefer those over pills

I appreciate the feedback. Good belly is

Kombucha, kefir, water kefir AND FERMENTS will be helpful and stay Veg...

And you can take daily with out crazy expense.


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