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I'm a new vegan who is looking into vegan makeup! I have been transitioning from 10 years as a vegetarian. After googling vegan makeup I was overwhelmed by the large number of vegan options. I use liquid foundation and would like to contine to use liquid foundation if it is vegan.What do you use? Thanks in advance!

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I personally do not wear makeup. When I do, I use the clear natural products that are animal free. You would find these products at your local natural foods store. Personally I would recommend you to try a few and see what works best for you. Any good store will allow you to bring back the products that do not work for you. I have to stay away from gluten as well as wanting animal free products, so I know all store will take back something that has not worked for me. I hope this helps. Happy to know a animal will not have to suffer for the vain reason people wear makeup. Thank you for buying animal free makeup. Welcome to being a Vegan. 

Thank you so much!I will see if my local health food store has makeup. I never thought to look there!

You are welcome. You will be surprised there are at reasonable prices. Good Luck and Have fun!  Oh, at my local food store (HEB), they have a natural section where I buy all my gluten free and Vegan products for grooming care and makeup. 

Thank you! :)

There are a lot of options out there if you know where to look .I wear vegan makeup and use mostly natural and cruelty free hygiene products. Here's a link for you that will farther you onto your search for vegan brands. :) Most places I order from give free shipping on certain amounts and I order more then I need to last me.Happy cruelty-free shopping ! :D


Thank you so much for the link! It's very helpful!

Eyes lip face is cheap and untested (but not natural at all, although they do sell natural vegan products (but more expensive). I also make and sell natural vegan products as cheap as I can. Sometimes i buy no name fancy products.

U can look on the net there are several vegan brands.


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