Got any? On a recent trip I noticed the city I was in had vegan or at least vegetarian options for EVERYTHING, it was so nice to be able to eat more than salad or some side. Don't have a lot where I'm at now but it's still not as bad as some places I suppose.

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New York is the most vegan friendly place i've been to,They have a place called 'blossom' which is amazing! Vancouver is another great one too!!!!

Berlin and Amsterdam

San Fancisco, Chicago, New York, Taiwan, and Singapore have so many different authentic vegetarian/ vegan options that it's really easy to dine out.

(Sorry for my poor english :3)

In France, where I live, this is very rare to find places dedicated to veggies, or even proposing options for vegans, but where improving : many big cities "brasseries" tend to propose a vegan alternative to their lunch special's. But during my holidays in the french country, I went to a place where the "veggie plate" was 3 € more expensive then the most expensive meat meal : it was just a addition of sides !

However, I never had any trouble eating in Belgium or Nederland ! They really are veggie friendly : they have large store shelves dedicated to vegans and veggies, and all the snacks and restaurants propose several veggie and vegan options, which is very nice indeed !

go to NYC. im sure youll enjoy the street food... wait... never mind... hehe. whered you visit? everywhere i go never have a specific veggie restaurant. they only have like two veggie options on the menu. a frozen veggie burger or pasta. salads as well if you include those

In India there are many restorents are pure vegetarian.

Some cities in US serve veg food such as LA, Portland, texas, Boulder, Richmond, chicago, seattle, NY city.

hey guys here we have Nepal there is a lots of vegan and vegetarian hotel. That is suitable for everyone vegetarian people.

San Diego we have a Evolution drive thru all vegan in downtown and a Lovehut! (still need to try love hut)

Los Angeles and New York are my faves. I really want to visit Portland. :-)

Los Angeles seems to have a new vegan joint opening every month! I've been on a whirlwind food tour and documented it all in a "Vegan Eats LA" series. Hope you find it helpful :)


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