Got any? On a recent trip I noticed the city I was in had vegan or at least vegetarian options for EVERYTHING, it was so nice to be able to eat more than salad or some side. Don't have a lot where I'm at now but it's still not as bad as some places I suppose.

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I'm going there this fall! That's great to hear :D

A lot of vegans live in Portland Oregon, so there would have to be a lot of places there.  Eugene Oregon too.  Pizza Research Institute and Cosmic Pizza have vegan pizzas.

Portlandia...first thing that came to mind...they make fun of Portland for a reason...

Portland, Ore. , Seattle, Denver, Asheville (NC),San Francisco...all of the cities,  because there is so much diversity (not to mention,education and money)

Denver has many vegan friendly/vegetarian friendly places, including a vegan ice cream shop.

We have so many vegan friendly restaurants and delis in Taiwan!

Atlanta, GA has some good veggie restaurants as well as veggie friendly restaurants. Im not going to go as far to say that they are one of the most veg freindly cities but I live down here and don't have that much of a problem finding something to eat. The only thing is that if you are not going to a strict vegan restaurant is to ask lots of questions about the food that you are being served. If you are unsure don't order it.

Soul Vegetarian is amazing.  I try to stop there every time I'm in Atlanta. 

Kathmandu. It's the capital of Nepal. It's also known as 'The city of temples' and has lots of vegetarian friendly places.

My partner climbed the Himalayas (not Everest but the one next to it) and he had to go on a vegetarian diet for the week before and on the way up. We have a couple of Himalayan / Tibetan  restaurants in Brisbane.They do have meat but a great range of veg dishes. I just had some lentil bake with an artichoke salad for lunch. Yum

omg i was just looking this up the other day! portland, oregon!

Ashville North Carolina. They even have a small ice cream place that serves vegan ice cream :D


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