Does anyone here follow veg*ns on sites such as Youtube, Tumblr, Facebook?

I have posted before on some good veg*n Tumblrs to follow, if anyone has any they follow who are good lemme know <3

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Yup. I'm on all of those and Twitter
Love dean's face. Btw

Haha :) I just started watching this show, going to start from season 1 :3 It's addicting. It's alarming.

I actually found this site via FB, which I'm on with far more regularity than is sane. ;)

While completely not prolific, Ivory King is awesome.

It's not any of the things you cited, but 'Vegetarian (It's Vegan!) Food for Thought' is a podcast I really dig on.

Thank you so much for the links! Going to check them out right now :)

((tips hat))
Always glad to be of service. :)

Oh, dude. I thought of another one.
This guy is. The. Shit.

Vegan Black Metal Chef.
Not only funny as hell, but actually a damned good cook too. And easy stuff.

Even tho,I care not to much for metal that was very

Interestingly, I know a person I'd call a "passionate" meat eater and he's kind of a VBMC fan, coming there the "metal path" ;)

His recipes are largely pretty damned good too. My only wish is that he was more prolific.

^^ Oh yeah! I've actually seen his show when I was looking for recipes! He's so awesome! Well played sir, well played.


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