Hey there!
This will be my 3rd Christmas as a veggie/vegan (I've been vegan now for nearly 2 years). It can be a struggle when you're in a carnist household- but I was hoping that we can share some of our favourite Christmas recipes that maybe even the meat eaters will enjoy!
My plan for this year is to make sure our homemade mince pies and brandy butter are vegan (mmmm), but I'm not sure about the centrepiece for Christmas day. The last Christmas I was at home (because I was with my fiance's family last year!), I made a nutroast that contained egg. So I'm looking for suggestions for something to replace this, preferably a tried and tested recipe!
Feel free to open up the discussion wider than this!
Here's wishing you all a compassionate Christmas!

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I wonder if you know about this;

Recipes for The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Menu: From Meatless Pies to Dairy-Free Cakes | One Green Planet;



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