As much as a vegan/vegetarian diet can be healthy, these diets also have their share of unhealthy foods. 

List the unhealthy foods that come to your mind. 

The first foods that strike me are: 

French fries, fried potato chips, cheese pizza and Mac N Cheese!

PS: I almost wanted to add Pasta with Alfredo sauce but I love it so much :P

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milkshakes, oreos, fried tofu and tempura veggies, vegan or regular butter, seitan philly cheese steak, anything highly processed...

are milkshakes bad?

Im a lacto vegetarian. Dont know about u. Milkshakes r considered nutritious here in India.

exactly! that's why I was wondering why milkshakes are bad

I forgot that I had posted this a while back and just had Mac N Cheese :/

Oh, curry puffs, kuih talam, kuih lapis... all sorts of Malaysian sweet treats that is! I literally MELT at those. Of course, they are laden with sugar and fat, obviously being calorie bombs too!

I like chee cheong fun and Malaysian desserts such as cendol, ais kacang, len chee kang, etc. Most of my faves are laden with SUGAR... 

sounds yummy!! may not be a bad idea to try once in a while.

PS: will try to remember these if I ever visit Malaysia or a Malaysian restaurant :)

mines cereal. I eat wayy to much cereal. all that sugar is definitley bad for me

Too many unhealthy choices for my own good, since I have a VERY sweet tooth, and I come from Quebec, where we produce the sweetest home cooking on the planet!:  Sugar pie, maple fudge, popsicles, beans in sugar, fruit cake, anything with chocolate... and then there's the salty side: potato chips, fries, thick crust pizza, pop corn with LOADS of margarine...

Luckily, I have a boyfriend who is very clever with spices and fresh fruits and veggies, and with him I learned that with the right dosage you can change unhealthy foods into healthier ones: for example, replace butter on your pop corn with tumeric or curcuma, bake your fries in the oven instead of frying them in oil, make fresh fruit purees with your blender to make popsicles and muffins, cut down the sugar by making fruit pies, replace fudge cravings with dried fruits & nuts cravings...

So yes, I'm very fond of bad food, I confess, but the alternatives are there, it's all about making the right choices.


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