As much as a vegan/vegetarian diet can be healthy, these diets also have their share of unhealthy foods. 

List the unhealthy foods that come to your mind. 

The first foods that strike me are: 

French fries, fried potato chips, cheese pizza and Mac N Cheese!

PS: I almost wanted to add Pasta with Alfredo sauce but I love it so much :P

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not ordinary cookies but VEGAN COOKIES!!

salted sunflower seeds. its what i eat most of the time. then almonds, cashew, pumpkin seeds... love'em salty 

but aren't sunflower seeds super healthy?? and so are almonds, cashew pumpkin seeds right??

I agree!  All nuts and seeds are healthy.  Its the sodium she is probably referring too. or if cooked in oil

oops, i missed the "salt" part :D

Although nuts and seed are healthy, we also must eat in moderation because of their high FAT content.

yeah, too much of almonds can make us dizzy. I had to find this out the hard way :(

My friend told me if I eat almonds, I wouldn't be hungry. He didn't tell me not to have too much :) So I got a whole box and ate it all at once. That whole evening I was super dizzy. 

and I guess too much of peanuts are also not that good. 

Yes, anything FRIED, lucky me I don't like fried food.  I do however order Agadahi Tofu (sp?) @ Japanese restaurants (it's lightly fried) and rare occasion Vegetable Tempura.

Any WHITE CARBOHYDRATES are junk in my opinion:  rice, pasta, bread, deserts, cereals

Refined Sugars: in ALL FOODS, processed, baked, milks, yogurts, drinks, again the list goes on.


Agreed. Any refined carbs are wasted, empty calories. They strip out all the goodness!

Dont forget the SOY, stay away from that crap..

i here its safe if its organically grown, but i choose stay away from it all together..

Lol, totally your choice not to eat soy.  But I think the "soy scare" is predominately based on the Dairy Industry losing Milk consumers. 

If they can find something "bad" with soy, it's good for business.  Of course, to much of anything is not a good thing.  But organic soy consumed in moderation won't give you "man boobs" or cancer, I promise :)

Organic and moderation is the key.



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