I'm trying to get used to draining the water from my tofu but no water comes out when I squeeze and it just falls apart in my hands. I'm used Mori-Nu silken tofu but I used bought Cauldron tofu in hope that it's better quality will work for me.

Any advice would be fantastic.

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I found this short video helpful.


That is a good video. Thank you. I think I don't have the right tofu. Mine came out no different than if I hadn't drained it. I expect Couldron tofu to be better once I get round to trying it again.

If you are squeezing silken tofu, you are going to get a messy batch of liquid soya in your hands.  When I use silken, I open the corner of the package very slightly -- as to not let any tofu out, and turn it upside down with the open part above the sink.  I then place a heavy object on the package. Every once in a while, turn it right side up, then place it down again.  I know this sounds strange, but each time more water will drain out.  I use this technique when using firm, soft, and extra firm.

Thank you. I think I was using the wrong type of tofu. I've been vegan for nearly 3 years and this is the first time I've experimented with tofu. Made a lovely stir fry with Couldren firm tofu. :-)

Silken is very soft, so compared to firm tends to break up more,  In some cases its ok (making scrambled tofu etc) but in others its a pain, so when I want firm for stir fries I cut into cubes then drain again.  When I make cheese, I cut the block in half rest on a sieve and place a couple of cans of beand on top (with some cling film or kitchen roll in between for hygeine reasons)

I am new to tofu myself so someone else may correct me but I think I am pretty right in that silken will break up more so than firm

Oh - I just seen all the posts below.  I am new to this forum and now realise they are hidden from view haha - anyway I will post what I have written :)


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