is it easy to do?

I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old and they basically are vegan lol but my bf has two 4 and 6 year olds boys from another marriage and it makes me sick seeing them eat chicken nuggets and eat food that they brought from their mother's house..which is McDonald food . I give them french fries and tried tofu but they don't care for it. they aren't my kids but I teach them right from wrong and take care of them with their father on the weekends and I want to make some sort of good change in our house. he is a meat eater as well but he understands the danger and likes some of my vegan meals and drinks soy milk. what can I do to help?

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great idea. I will look into that. 

Make them loads of vegan crap! Haha. I make my parents vegan sweeties all the time :3 Imagine it'd make a kid feel like they were getting a real treat! Children will follow your energy and your cues, don't be nervous! I have no children so I can't really give you great parenting advice, haha, though my parents used to get me to eat my veggies by making it a competition (who can finish their veggies faster) and with cute metaphors (broccoli were bushy little trees). Yup we were pretty gullible lmao

lol that is adorable :D.  i think that is a good start as well. 

:) No problem, friend xo

oh yes. I love those little boxes. 


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