I'm a vegan and I personally do not eat honey but I'm wondering if other vegans do. I also will not eat free-ranged eggs but my mom thinks there is nothing wrong with eating them because they are free-ranged, thoughts?

(This is mainly for people who are vegans for animal rights reasons and not just health reasons)

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Most people who are vegans for ethical reasons do not eat honey because it is exploiting, and expropriating the food of, another species.  In addition, many bees are accidentally killed in the process of gathering honey, and far more are intentionally killed in cold weather areas because it is often more economical to kill off the hives and buy new ones in the spring than it is to feed the bees through the winter.  While there are some vegans who do eat honey because they do not consider insects to be the equal of other animals, almost all vegans I know do not consume honey.

As far as eggs, the fact is that the male chicks of egg-laying breeds are killed off by the millions because they have a negative economic value (i.e., they cost more to raise than they can realize at market).  I am not sure of the numbers in Canada, but in the U.S., over 200 million male chicks are killed every year shortly after hatching.  In the European Union, the number is about 300 million.  Most of these chicks are thrown alive into giant grinders, while others are killed off with carbon dioxide gas.  By the way, this info comes from the industry, not from animal rights organizations.  Even small farms that raise free-range hens almost always kill the male chicks.  Also, all industrial egg producers kill off the hens when their production declines, often at only 18 months of age.  So unless you know of a farm that does NOT kill the males but lets them roam freely, that allows "unproductive" hens to live out their lives on the farm, and that sells unfertilized eggs, the reality is that all eggs are part of a cycle of violence.  That is why vegans say that it is wrong to eat eggs.

Thanks for info and yes,greatly said!

Free-range is not even legally defined ;) it's bull... look it up.


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