Someone on my facebook shared this picture with dozens or so comments on how beautiful and inspiring the saying is and it actually made me very angry.
Why is it so many people who kill and eat innocent animals will go on about how we are one with the animals, or they are just like us, or they want to live too, or whatever and then go eat a freaking steak?

I hate it. I don't understand how people can act like that; pretending to have sympathy and some loving connection with nature and animals and continue on abusing them.

Think it's beautiful and inspiring? Go freaking vegetarian/vegan and THEN you will have a freaking clue.

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I don't think most of them are acting. I do believe they're brainwashed though.

brainwashed in what way?

carnism - there's a great book on it by Melanie Joy

by the way, I completely agree with you. I hate when people refuse to examine their own beliefs and lifestyles. Honestly, I don't think the majority of people are as empathetic as they believe themselves to be, and unfortunately will spout platitudes like the one above without becoming vegan or vegetarian

my to cents...I don't think it is bad that a person who may be non-vegetarian would post that. i mean also, well I don't know that person myself, and he or she might be a hypocrite as you say and this post might indicate a hypocrisy...but just in general terms, lots of people contemplate a number of things in the world, many of which are quite virtuous such as saving or not killing lives.

plenty of people oppose the drone war stuff that Obama is responsible for, but how many people can become full time protesters? how practical is it for their life? so they want to do their part at least and spread awareness and somehow hope that the nation as a whole might make a right decision to steer the politics the right way (fat chance of that of course, imo).

but anyway, I have a feeling that this post wasn't about being vegetarian. it was probably about not wanting wolves to be hunted. plenty of meat eaters don't want to see species endangered so that is their contribution to the balance and order of things. I say it is an acceptable offering.

You make it sound like being vegan is a full time job. It's not a job, it's a tweak.

though I haven' t used such a word as "job" which may carry a negative connotation for you, (I dont know if it does), I do think that being vegan or being anything with conviction does require a full time commitment.

so if someone cannot commit fully to something, they ought to do the best they can. I don't think that everyone has to be vegan or else be considered murderers.  everyone does their part in this world or at least they can if they want to.  plenty of friends of mine are environmentalists and run campaigns to save animals and plants from extinction or danger in general so I have to applaud their efforts for doing something that I am not doing.


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