Recently I was walking through the store with my dad and he started towards the meat isle..since I've become vegetarian I haven't been to the meat isle! Which is about 7 or 8 months. It was horrible! All I could think about was dead body..dead body..dead body..I was really grossed out and sad it was really gruesome. Anybody freak out in the meat isle??

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i don;t freak out... i just feel sad that the civilization we live in has allowed mindless killings of animals with utmost cruelty just to feed ourselves and make ourselves less and less healthy each day.... i mean the more we progress as a civilization... the lower we stoop... 

Ram, I agree with you. It's ironic that the more "civilised" we are, the more problems we have, more so the trouble of undoing the problems! It's sad to see that meat is still in demand too, considering that it is unhealthy and nasty to be eaten on its own, not to mention a bane to the planet.

i couldn't agree more... it's not just in demand... i'm just amazed that its so cheap even though it costs a lot to manufacture meat. The amount of vegetation needed to feed the farm animals and birds is way too high than the vegetation consumed by humans. Yet the prices of vegetables are higher than meat.. I mean there's definitely a big economic and political loophole.

I think meat itself should be extremely expensive because of the fact that it's a life! Honestly no price is wirth it but you get what I'm trying to say.

It's all about the policies and which food is subsidized.

True.. but the problem with that...govt subsidies are forcing poor ppl to have lots of unhealthy diet....... which is indirectly increasing the tax payer's burden on medicare costs......... so first... they subsidize unhealthy junk food and high fructose bakery products using taxpayer's money....than they burden taxpayer for medicare.... this is an unsustainable cycle.

I do hear screams in my head... Almost every time I pass the meat isle, I remember a specific horrifying video that I have watched and there is a "flash" in my head of some specific moment and most of the time I feel sick to my stomach...

I've experienced the flash of the video's I've seen too.


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