Since I turned vegetarian a year ago, i always get some cheese when i am invited just because they don't know what to cook for me. Now I cut out dairy products at home and I try to spread the word in my family, but many of them are French.  As you may know, cheese is almost a religion in France, you cannot conceive a proper dinner without it. So yesterday my granny received her sister from Paris and I. We had cheese cubes during aperitif, plate of cheese and bread after lunch and again after dinner. How can I refuse it without causing an argue when my family already call me an extremist just by not eating any flesh? Have you ever had that issue?

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Oh-oh, that's a toughie. French and their cheese might be more fiercely defended than French and their wine.

David, have you tried to bring some of the vegan cheeses you like to the party, so that your family can also try them? I've been looking around and it seems like Tossolia ( makes tofu versions of cheese. I'm not quite sure what types of rice, soy, almond cheeses are available in your area, but it might be a good substitute if you can offer some in your family's next get-together.

I'm not sure they would even taste an all processed cheese, they love their usual cheese and are so proud of it. They barely even try Belgian cheese (we have plenty of choices too) though I could still try if I find some vegan cheese. I've checked on the link you mentioned but all these shops are at least 100 km from where I live in Belgium. I don't even know any bio grocery or boutique near my countryside. Thank you aniway

Hey David,

It might help to tell them that you do not feel good when you eat it. It's the truth, right? For what ever your reasons you have decided to stop, it is something you no longer feel good about eating. I actually just started a discussion about cheese and added an article I wrote last year, The Birth Of Cheese: How People Became Addicted To Funk

Even after studying the history and eating cheese for many years, it still amazes me that humans ever started eating it.

Hi Michelle

Thank you for your article, it was very interesting and I have learned new things. You are right, I no longer feel comfortable when eating cheese or any dairy now that I know what it involves for the cows, the calves and our health. All these things we use to believe it was healthy and natural, now everything has to be questioned... Even in a vegan diet. Thank you industry, now we can choose between diabetes, heart attack, cholesterol, cancer, depression, allergies, and so on. people and politicians are so hard to wake up


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