For a while now I had been wanting to get recipe books to spice things up in the kitchen. I went on Amazon and found what I thought was a recipe book called : "Skinny B*tch"by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. When I got it I was so upset because it was a reading book and not a recipe book, but when I actually started reading it I was absolutely astounded...disgusted at the facts about the USDA and the meat and dairy companies that fill the book's pages.

After reading this I made the change to ex out all meat, dairy, eggs, and any other items that exploit animals. If anyone is on the fence or wanting some great information about the effectss of meat, dairy, and its companies should definitely read this.

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I have been wanting to read this for a while now. What got me to go vegan was watching the documentary Vegucated on netflix lol. And then I started watching hungry for change and have listened to a few lectures. Once I watched Earthlings that was it for me.

A book I just read was called Eat to Live it was really interesting and insightful I have been looking for similar books like it.  I will defiantly be checking out Skinny B*itch soon! Let me know if there's any other good books to read :)

My boyfriend and I are planning on getting Netflix soon so I will definitely check those out!!! I've seen some food documentaries (can't recall them) but  not those,

I also have been pushed hard by Vegucated.
That documentary has been a catalyst for me to move more vegan from vegetarian. It's truly eye-opening.

...and also available free on Amazon Prime, should you have that.

Everyone keeps talking and raving about this book, why do I not yet own it??? Thanks for sharing xoxo And congrats on deciding to go vegan :)

Oh my gosh it is so goo. Especially if you like more of a modern and edgy tone. It made me feel bad and hopeful at th same time. lol, total mindblow!

I'm definitely all for the edgy tones haha! Will go out and buy it today methinks :) Thank you for the recommendation xoxo This has officially pushed me into buying it.

Woohoo! I am quite the persuasive person ;) lol just kidding. Enjoy! Tell me what you think :)

Will do ^-^!!

Hm. I may just need to pick that up. A little further impetus would not be a bad thing. Thanks for the heads-up!

No problem, enjoy the read!

i cant tell i agree with all of the fat-phobic content on that book but i think they made a good work talking about veganism, they had me crying myself out for a couple days, it was hard but meaningful and it changed a lot of peoples view on how there food affect anothers.


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