This year is the first year I am vegan for the Holidays- WHOOP! I am really excited but to be honest, I don't think I want to spend it with my family. Nobody is even close to being vegan and their minds are just blown that I no longer eat anything that comes from an animal. My boyfriend told me that he would be fine just staying home and having our own vegan feast. What do you guys think? I need some suggestions about coping with the holidays. I mean, it's the food, the comments, I would literally have to cook an entire meal anyways if I wanted to eat something other than salad. I know if I cook the way I cook (which is delicious and nutritious ;) ) I will be making a whole lot for basically nobody. What to do? 

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Leftovers! Cook everything you want and save the leftovers. At least, that's what I'd do, heh. Probably what I will be doing.

Do you still think I should join the rest of my family for the holiday? :/ I'm jw. Them not even caring and me knowing everything about what their eating takes a toll on my feelings. 

It all depends on you. Personally, while I hate that my family will be eating a bird, I'll be serving up some delicious vegetarian dishes (probably mostly vegan), which will possibly encourage them to try more veggie dishes or make them want to borrow my cookbook or personal recipes. I like to show off my cooking, too.

But if the thought of bird puts you off, maybe it would be better to not celebrate with them. Alternatively, you could celebrate another day (like on the weekend) or that morning with them with your food, so it's all a veggie meal, and then let them celebrate with their meat. 


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