Hello everybody, I have some problem with my organism and this is only page what I have on mind to deal with it. I'am vegetarian for a year and last 3 months I'am trying to eat like a vegan. Problem is when I have to sweat (stress,sport,...) there is no sweat and instead of it I have really bad itching on my body but no on whole. Have somebody experience with this? Really thank you for any advice ,I love sport and with this I can't do anything because i drives my crazy.... Thank everybody

(Sorry for mistakes in English,I'am out of school a long time) :-)

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I think increasing your intake of fresh filtered water (at least 5 12 oz. glasses a day) with fresh, squeezed, organic lemon juice in it for alkalizing, along with juicing will drastically improve your situation.  The most important thing we must do for our bodies is to keep ourselves well hydrated.  Good luck.

No ,I dont take any pills except Chlorella

I had something similar happen to me, I saw a naturopath who told me my body was running on empty, I added coconut, sesame, & almond oils to my diet as well as avocados and silica tissue salts, the itching has now stopped

Ok ,I will try that :-)


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