So, with every student that stays in a dorm, you are usually inclined to ordering takeout instead of eating healthily. You don`t have to cook, you don`t have to wash dishes, all you`ve got to do is take your phone and the pizza`s around the corner in an hour tops. I am not a stranger to this problem and I am pretty sure that there are other people out there as well who have a problem with eating healthy. 

My main problem is: 

  • I cannot cook. I do not know all those fancy terms like sautéing, stir frying and the like. I basically have zero experience in the kitchen.
  • I dislike doing the dishes. I believe that`s something everyone hates doing but I loathe it with a passion. I tend to buy ready cooked meals in microwavable containers just so I can toss it out after use.
  • I`m always on the move. I hardly have time to fix myself up a really good dish which leads to me hardly eating anything at all during the day. Because of that, I go for dishes that I can get in school: usually arrabiata pasta. That`s about the only thing I eat sometimes for the whole day. 
  • I don`t know what to buy at the market. Usually, I just walk around the market, look at everything and get overwhelmed. I don`t know what to get, especially in the greens section and I end up not getting anything because I feel like I won`t be using them anytime soon.

But I feel like it`s time for a change. It would be so great if you all had tips, tricks, easy and quick recipes, suggestions, even grocery list must haves, anything that can make my diet a little bit better. 

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I used to be in the same situation and the transition seems hard but take it slowly step by step, which makes it a lot easier for yourself. Try out simple dishes, some dishes require only one or two pots so less dishes. Incorporate the knowledge you gain in daily life. You will learn, it's no rocket science :)

Everybody can cook, it's learned by trying new recipes. Get a book with recipes and information, like Vegetarian for dummies or any other.
The dishes aren't that bad, you'll get good at it and it'll be finished really quickly.

For on the move it's best to get a container and make dishes that taste nice if it's cold so you can take it with.

If you start trying new recipes you will know what to buy at the market, if i have leftovers then i eat it the next day.

Checkout Youtube as well, there are a lot of recipes and they will show you how to prepare and cook, hope this helps!

Thank you for your reply! And everyone`s replies for that matter! But it seems like there`s so much to learn and so many things to try out, I just don`t know where to start! Every time I surf the web, I always find things like "5 dishes you must know how to make" or something like that and they all seem so tough to do. I`m literally just starting and there are so many opportunities, I really don`t know where to start. 

I will send you some recipes i find really easy to make =)

You need a butler, a maid and a chef. Or maybe you need to go raw.

Till now I did not know that persons like you exist, now I am wondering how did you survived to adolescence. But hey, man learn till he is alive.

I have few tips for you. Dont be lazy do your dishes and learn to cook (at least basics) it is easier then ever with internet and all those youtube videos today. Those are basic skills to know for any person, like cleaning teeth, changing bed sheets, washing your cloth ... 

There is alternatives, you can become very rich and pay people to do that for you or if you fail in that you can try to marry rich guy to achieve same. It is on you. Or like Noy said go raw and all those problems will vanish.

Sorry if I am bit harsh to you, but seams to me like you need dose of reality mixed with sarcasm. Learn those skills for yourself, it is self improvement. Dont look on cooking like waste of your time (you are doing it for yourself and your health). Nothing is more important than health, sadly most people realize that when they become seriously ill. You will feel satisfaction when you make something home cooked and delicious. And not to mention, you will become more complete person.

Good luck to you Mia.

Truth is harsh but I can take it. I survived because we used to have maids to do all the cooking for us and now, I`m standing on my own two feet and I have no idea how to live. I survived my first year of college through ready made meals that you can just pop in the microwave and have something to eat in less than 10 minutes. I`m not really sure WHAT the basics are, I know it sounds weird but I totally don`t. 

Concreet tips would really help. And thank you for the tips! :D 

How about salads? No cook, just wash and cut the veggies you like. Throw them together in a bowl. Make your favourite dressing like oil and vinegar. These are shelf-stable! For a cooked meal, arrange veggies in a bowl and pour boiling water from the kettle. Cover for 2-3mins. Add salt and pepper to taste. If you want a filling meal, add in boiled potatoes, rice or canned beans. Breakfast: Make oatmeal with fruits/nuts/nut butter or anything that you like. If these are not easy, I don't know what is.

Thank you for the tip! There was this one time I went for a few weeks eating nothing but salads and I thought it was great until one of my friends said that I have to eat something heavier since salad`s just like eating water and a few other things. 

Salads can be made heavy by adding canned beans, pasta, nuts... they make your salad more meal-like but be sure to do it in moderation. You will have protein, complex carbs and healthy fats apart from water matrixes ;-) Such a salad will keep you full for long too. Apply dressing in moderation, especially oil-based ones.

Your salad can also be added to a sandwich or become a side for a sandwich or veggie burger, or even paired with thick soup. For soup, you can heat up canned ones if you do not mind the sodium content. I found one such soup recipe on the Internet, which is as follows (from Ochikeron, you can find her Youtube channel)

For a college take, I will just heat everything in an electric kettle. I might try it soon provided that there are friends to share with. You can share it with your friends.

Soon, you will get the hang of easy cooking and even start to get creative with it! Easy vegetarian recipes are very adaptable and allow room for creativity.

All the best, Mia!

buy nuts and seeds and a good protein powder. Buy a good smoothie blender. Buy veg and fruit in season, cut up bananas store them in the freezer. and then just blitz together what ever you have in the fridge :) No Cooking No Dishes have a 1L plastic free bottle store juice and take to school It may seem more expensive, but your committed to your food once you buy it and can take it as a lunch with you :)

Simple recipe Breakfast Frozen Banana 1, two seeded dates, five almonds, sunflower seeds 1 teaspoon, one pear, one apple. Blitz in a good blender with one cup of water (optional protein powder)

Thank you!! These are just the kind of tips I need! :D
I`ve been meaning to cut down on the meat since I don`t really like cooking it so I was wondering if protein powder is expensive. 

you need to find one you like. it is expensive but can last a long time. I don't use protein powders the good one is sun warrior. I have gone for more seed nuts and eat lentils and beans and tofu dishes in the evening.. 


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