I've been reading everywhere recently that Steve-o from Jackass is vegan now. Hmmk, I found this strange, being that just before reading this revelation I read this:

"On Tru Tv's new reality show Killer Karaoke contestants are frightened by a large tank of water filled with harmless pet breeds of snakes. None of the snakes dumped into the tank of water are meant for swimming and many just sink to the bottom with no hope of reaching the top. The snakes are also at risk for serious injury from the frightened and thrashing contestant. If the snakes somehow manage to survive the tank they can develope deadly respiratory infections from all of the water inhaled. Harming innocent animals for human entertainment is seriously offensive and should not be allowed to continue!"


I've seen the preview, for sure... a tub of water with a bunch of ice inside, and snakes. The internet-sphere blew up, calling this cruel. Snakes are cold blooded, dumping them in freezing water is, at least in my book, cruel. What do you guys think?

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Wow! I feel so bad for those snakes! My dad used to have pythons, iguanas, chameleons, and geckos so he taught me loads about reptiles. That is beyond cruel and very dangerous for the snakes! I honestly don't know why there are not stricter rules for the entertainment industry and their animal protection standards. I know it's all about how to make a buck, but this sort of thing should not be allowed. And yeah, if you have anything to do with this and call yourself a vegan- you should be able to see the HUGE connection to animal cruelty here.

Same here! I grew up with a love of reptiles, a huge respect for snakes especially. My father would help remove poisonous (and harmless) snakes from people's properties without hurting them, even water moccasins. I agree with you 110%, there need to be better rules for television in regards to animals, this is just pointlessly cruel. Vegan my butt! Vegan isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle, shaaaaaa! He shall never possess our vegan superpowers ;)

Same here. Thanks for articulating my thoughts on this matter. All sweet, sullen, slow, swift, scary, stunning and swashbuckling creatures, whether small or stupendous, have the right to call this spinning blue marble home and find their place in the sun (or shade) with or without the help of us humans. 

I agree, 100%

lol steve-o is vegan? please say it ain't so!! 

He claims to be! Not so impressed with his "veganism" when he allows innocent animals to be harmed on his own show though. He might be one of the douchebags who just want the label.

hahahaha i like that video but yea i agree with u lauren



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