Hi guys,

I'm vegetarian for some months and I dont know what I do wrong.

I'm hungry all the time!!! I have a nice breakfast, then around 4 hours later I have lunch that is mixed grilled veggies and a full salad. I drink 4 glasses of rice milk during the day. In between meals I have kwark or fruits......its half hour now that I ate the yogourth and........Im hungry again hahahha I cant be eating all the day at work and carrying 5 kilos of food in my bag. ;-)  Is it maybe cause Im not eating rice/pasta? grrrr hungry :-)

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Thank you Stephan, I put some seeds in my salad, delicious, but.......is not working. I will have to bring more bites like nuts cause is really not normal :-)

What are you doing for protein? Try adding in some beans, nuts, tofu or tempeh. Hummus is good for lunch if you like it and somewhat filling. Do you still eat breads? some hummus or other bean spread on whole grain bread might be more filling. 

Hi Erika, my body and beans doesnt work very good but I like tofu&tempeh. I love hummus and I can only eat white bread, so I eat it carefully. If you would see the portions of veggies I eat...... but ok...apparently I need to eat more.

The nuts are a good option, and hummus used as spread sounds really yummie.


Sounds like you aren't getting enough protein and fiber, and eating too many simple sugars as opposed to complex carbohydrates. I would add nuts and hummus like other people have said. However instead of eating rice & pasta, which may be refined if your not eating whole wheat pasta and brown rice,  I would eat grains like quinoa (complete protein), barley, farro, millet, oatmeal. Also look at what veggies your are eating, kale and spinach are more filling than romaine, for example.

I would also try seitan for protein, it is very filling and high in protein.

Take a look at your yogurt and rice milk, if these have added sugar that will make you hungrier. Water would make you feel more full than sweetened rice milk.

Alaina, thanx! I eat hummus almost daily. I dont know these grains you mentioned: barley, farro and millet, I will take a look at the store. I eat sometimes this veggie meats, but Im not a great fan. Funny enough, seitan gives me allergy, tried it several times...  Im aso cutting on the sugar, my products dont contain it :-)

I will do some research on these products, thank uuu!

I agree, being thirsty for water can even feel like hunger.

When I became vegetarian,. I was hungry for 3 days. Now I normally eat cereals for breakfast, some potatos, noodles, pizza,... for lunch and for dinner some bread. Maybe it helps you to eat more "unhealthy" stuff, too. Good luck :)

It definitely sounds like you need more protein in your diet.

I'd say to try some healthy proteins and fats like some of the others have already mentioned. Avocado is a really good and healthy fat that should help and its delicious too. I usually have a big bowl of steel cut oats, though rolled oats would be just as good. High in fiber and a big bowl of it will definitely leave you feeling pretty full.


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