Let me introduce the subject of veganism and spirituality. 15 years ago, I was awakened to the thought that fear and terror have vibrations and chemical substance.

I wanted to write about this and perhaps open the dialogue to how this translates from consuming meat that has been a vital life force on this Earth in it's animal form, stripped of all its natural tendencies, mistreated, abused, and finally led to slaughter.

All of this process is transferred through these chemicals from slaughtered animals to the humans who consume them. We have science that proves this, so don't dismiss me as woohoo.

Ever heard about stress hormones, and endorphines? We all know they feel very different in our bodies and have much opposite effects. With that said and validated, I would ask others to consider that consuming this fear-based chemical from meat leads us to misery in our lives. Fear feeds fear. Fear based emotions are the duality of love based emotions. Fear leads to rage, violence, pain, withdrawal, depression and insensitivity.

Eating a plant based diet that is naturally meant to nourish us aligns us with the energy from the sun. Can you imagine that please? We are consuming the suns energy when we consume plants. The sun is the star in our universe that sustains all life expressions on this planet.

Consuming death creates the cycle of threat and fear. This, I will not allow to be a part of my expression because every fiber of my being, every cell in my body and my soul tells me that it creates a malignant misalignment. That is why I became vegan.

Today, I embrace all the reasons for this lifestyle. I want good health. I want to live on a healthy planet. I want to live in joy. I want my spiritual vibration to invite life to always express in it's fullest form because I want that for myself. I found a wonderful blog that delivers deeper explanations than I have time to write here and wanted to share it with those who would like to visit the topic of spirituality and veganism, so I'll post it here for those who might be interested in exploring this topic. To be abundantly clear, this has no religious basis in any way as that is personal to the individual, but I think many will align with the information here.


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Definitely, and this is how I came to veganism too...through spirituality.  Within a week of ceasing all consumption of animal products, my depression disappeared.

Good for you Becky! It really does feel amazing! :D Just think of how many issues like depression would disappear if people would get back to what is really meaningful in life :) 

WOW. I never even thought about this. Holy moly. You really have something here. I never realized the correlation. Stress can simply make your body more acidic which leads to so many more issues so I can only imagine what consuming a pure acidic piece of creature does. I now think of my body as this holy sanctuary. What I eat, how I react to things, how I live my life- pure optimism is key (although it becomes difficult sometimes) for a healthy life. I feel that being positive, doing good to yourself and others is key to a long fulfilling life. You attract positive things by being positive, and obviously it is just the same with negative. We are given this life to make something, we have brains to think, hands to do and it is up to us to make the right decisions. I feel the people that choose to do wrong not only have to deal with karma but the feeling of not knowing how to be truly happy. Namaste friend :) 

Great post !!!


Right on. Namaste.

    I grew up in farm country. My sister and I loved the animals from the time they were born.  As they became the age that they were "ready for slaughter" We would be totally freaked out and disillusioned with our family and their way of life.  
I remember questioning everything we were served to be sure it was not a part of a killed animal.  My sister had baby pigs that grew up to become in the freezer.  When they were her baby pets, she named them Mutt and Jeff.  When they were served for dinner, she'd cry and ask if it where Mutt or Jeff on the table.  I have recoiled from meat and animal products.

   Close relationship with nature and receiving love from animals, it is easy to feel their souls.  We are all on this journey of spirit through life and eternity.  I am, we are, a Devine expression of 'god' in form as the individual.  We are one.
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Can you lead me to a link or something on the science of this regarding chemical reactions from animals transferring to humans

Totally agree with you !!


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