I just started vegetarianism 3month ago and eat a large amount of soya products. But I take a contraceptive pill and my doctor said me that it was too much estrogen and I have to reduce my consumption of soya. I don't really know with what I can replace soya. Can you help me, please ?
Thank you!

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I notice you live in France so I am not sure of the brands available there but there are wheat meats (made from seitan),  rice meats, mycoprotein (aka fungal protein) meats, grain meats, almond milk, hazelnut milk, coconut milk, rice milk, hemp milk, oat milk, quinoa milk, rice ice-cream, almond ice cream, coconut ice-cream, soy free cheese, falafel, etc.

If you are wondering why I have listed some dairy-free products, cows milk contains estrogen.

Potentially useful links

In fact I cannot drink cow milk, it makes my bones hurts !! So it's really helpful all these dairy-free products :)
Thanks for helping, I'll try to inform myself with the links and search for the products you tells me !
It's very helpful !
Thank you again !!!

Not a problem. Glad to be able to help. I'm new to veganism as you are to vegetarianism so we are both in the process of learning.

Also, any idea how come cows milk is making your bones hurt? I heard that meat and dairy turns the blood acidic so the body reacts by taking calcium phosphate from the bones and using the phosphate to reduce acidity by increasing the pH value of the blood whilst the calcium is lost in urine (although I'm not sure how reliable the source is) so if that's true, perhaps there is a causal link?

My problem with cow milk is in fact acidity. I don't remember all details but it's something like what you said, body taking calcium from bones to reduce the acidity and that makes my bones porous, and it hurts !

Sounds awful. Sorry to hear that. On the other hand, you aren't drinking cows milk which is always a plus for both your own health and the cows.

Hello Elearna,

Honestly, I think you're eating a lot of soy products because you're new to veganism. Most of the products we find in french supermarket are made of soy and I guess it's easier for you to just buy those "sojasun" steaks or yoghurts and simply replace meat and dairys with them. It is just a question of convenience...

The more you'll go in veganism, the more you will learn new and easy recipes and the less you will need to eat processed food.

Try to do simple dishes, salads with different kind of cereals, nuts, chick peas, lentils. Combined them with a huge amount of vegetable and fruits. Don't pay to much attention on trying to get a lot of protein...you're wasting your time. Take a look a www.vegkitchen.com .... and they are many books you can find too...France is not a nightmare for vegans, we have a lot of good products here. Hold on...veganism's the only way !!!!!


Yes, it's true... I'm new and I'm a student who just begins to live alone so I buy easy and quick to cook products... I tried red lentils and beans and likes it, maybe it could do the job ?! :)
I begin to buy almond too. But I'm really discovering a new way of eating and buying so I'm quite lost sometimes !
I'll try to do what you say, it's really nice to you to help me that way !
Thank you :)

This is absolutely normal to be lost. We've been educated in a certain way of eating and it's hard to change everything from one day to another. Keep in mind that it's better to take your time and achieve your goal than going too fast and fail. But another time, if you understand what nutrition is all about, the easier it will be for you to change your diet. Buy a few books on vegan cooking, try the easy recipes. Don't eat too much soy yoghurt, go to organic shops (biocoop for example) and find some new stuff to cook...

try this :http://www.yummly.com/recipe/Stir-fry-Vegetables-With-Cashews-43601...

very easy, very healthy, very quick...fruits as dessert......you're full ? you're veg...!!!!

Keep on learning, everything will come to you naturally.


It's really pleasant not to feel alone and to have some support ! I like to discover new things about eating :) I think there is a biocoop just near my place, I'll go and check it out !
Thanks again ;)

Your doctor might not be correct. Soya does have estrogen but it is phyto-estrogen (plant estrogen). Phyto estrogen does not work the same as animal estrogen in the human body.
I have not found one article or study done by scientists that proves that soya is high in estrogen that is bad.

Do some research and see if you can find a peer-reviewed study that proves soy does anything bad.
The power is in your hands! :)


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