I think I have posted about this before, but I am looking for some really specific information this time. For instance,

Aside from my laptop being slow and someone telling me I should format it, I would like to list some symptoms and some details.

1. the browsers never open quickly and when they do open, they often freeze up.

2. sometimes one browser tab will work and another one won't work.

3. sometimes I can open a new browser if the old one is frozen and the new one works fine, or sometimes it freezes up also.

4. sometimes if I turn off the computer and start all over again, then things go back to normal and work super quick and sometimes it is frozen upon start up.

5. sometimes the computer will unfreeze if I leave it a lone and sometimes, it stays frozen for several hours when I am in mid sentence of typing.

6. sometimes the browser is not frozen but the typing is frozen.

7. sometime if the internet browsing seems frozen, I can still work in microsoft word with no problem, but sometimes that is frozen also.

8. I have already formatted a while ago and it got froze up within a couple days.

9. I just ran a defrag on all the drives. All the drives are fine now and for one night, my computer was lighting fast after the defrag, so I thought I solved it, but the next day, it was slow as bricks again.

10. My C drive has about 20 gigs being used and 10 gigs are free and other drives are similarly half full and half free.

11. I have uninstalled programs I don't use but it is hard to know which ones are needed and which ones are not needed. I mean, I need skype on start up so I don't uninstall that.

12. I have some files on the desk top but not that many.

13. I use microsoft essential virus scanning and I have heard it is just as good as paid software.

Okay, so any comments? Before saying that i just need to reformat, can someone explain or shed light on any problems I have just listed? Or advise me more clearly given some information I have given?


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Your computer needs the whole full set of optimization including removing some adwares from the browser. MS antivirus itself makes computers slow. Reformatting is a very bad option that doesn't help much.

Download and install this free but very powerful antivirus: http://www.360safe.com/. It comes with a full set of addons to do the optimization jobs in the Chinese version which I am using. If this English version doesn't include that, or your computer is still slow after you've optimized with it, download this one and re-optimize once more: http://www.iobit.com/advanced-systemcare-antivirus.php. If after doing so and yet your computer doesn't improve much, use the paid version of Advanced-System-Cares. If sometimes we are in financial strait but still need it for emergency, get a torrent: http://torrentz.eu/search?f=advanced+system+care though not encouraged. Remember to scan the torrented software with the 360 antivirus before installation.

what does full set of optimization mean?

Range of works to optimize your computer - registries and system repairs, cleaning unused files and garbage, removing adwares and malwares, fixing security holes, ...

ok...welll...how can that be done? step by step?

hi Dreamless, still wondering about a step by step process to optimize my computer, if you have the time to explain it to me.

additionally, I want to say, I have been online every night this week and the same thing happens, which is that I go online, and everything is fine for about 30 minutes, and then the computer progressively gets slower and slower. particularly, it is the browsing and tabs that are slow. I don't think the other things are very slow on the computer. well, last night, I tried to remove programs from the control panels, and that was slow, but in the past, I notice mostly microsoft word is fine.

does that tell you anything?

Sorry for this late reply for I had been in seclusion for several days.

In this case your browser is probably:

1. unawarely having downloaded some nasty adwares. a) To get step by step guides for different browsers, please google "firefox(browser name) remove adware(malware)"  b) Find the addons(plugins) lists in your browser's tools menu and remove the irritating ones.(check Google for addons locations of different browsers)

2. You browser is carrying ton of cached garbage, cookies and temporary files that need some cleanup. Use the two recommended softwares above to do this. And they will also automatically remove adwares from your browsers and other hidden locations as well.

Microsoft actually plays tricks on every Window operating system. Not because they are wicked but they have to do so for smoothening, updating and security purposes.

well, I tried to locate any add ons in tools menu and did not find any.

and I tried to download the 360 safe software and the installation is not so straight forward. it gives me a zip file which does absolutely nothing. so now what?


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