Myself ,totally against and fine it a abuse of another human being..Human Tracking is a money making business.What are your thoughts on it and how we can solve this?...Opponents believe that legalizing prostitution would lead to increases in sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, global human trafficking, and violent crime including rape and homicide. They contend that prostitution is inherently immoral, commercially exploitative, empowers the criminal underworld, and promotes the repression of women by men......Proponents of legalizing prostitution believe it would reduce crime, improve public health, increase tax revenue, help people out of poverty, get prostitutes off the streets, and allow consenting adults to make their own choices. They contend that prostitution is a victimless crime, especially in the 11 Nevada counties where it remains legal.

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We cannot see individual concern, we have to see social concern , social impact of a decision. 

Example when a river flows , somebody may die in it, floods may be there and destroy crops , for this we cannot stop river flow. 

So we cannot legalize prostitution , which will make people to think that there is nothing wrong in it . 

If everybody consented I don't think the government or anyone else has any right to interfere with private matters (such as sex). Again, if there is no victim, no one is harmed and everyone consented. It's not anyone else business what another grown up individual wants to do with his or her body, and everybody should have the right to own their own bodies.

Let me first say, I dont think selling your body is right or being forced into human trafficking either. But, i also look on both sides of the issue.

My question is would legalization make better conditions for workers who do choose this?Why is it illegal?Victims of sexual exploitation or workers who "should not be victimized again by the state by being made into criminals.Myself, I dont believe in being unrealistic and naive to think we are going to end prostitution.But, there are also ways that we can better police this system and stop the spread of deceases and make safer conditions for those who do choose it.

To say there arent people that dont choose this is not realistic or true. Look on all your social media's : Fb, twitter, Instagram..People selling their bodies for fortune, fame and money.So, people do willing go into the trade also.Thats where the line is drawn in a persons freedom of choices and rights.Now, forcing is a different matter all together. Wither we agree or not. . I believe in freedom of choice all the way.

 I don't see anything wrong with it. Personally, and ethically its a lot wrong with it but everyone doesn't hold the same views just like everyone doesn't have the same views so if someone is willing to do that with their body let him its no different than porn or sugar daddies/babies. i personally wouldn't do it but someone who does do it.... it isn't my body. if we really want to get deep into this is it constitutional to tell someone what they can do with their body, who they can and cant have sex with and should the government be that involved in an individual's.

Do not get me wrong, my life in the regard is like a monk's.

Just like how i cannot watch a rooster get killed for meat, i cannot see how watch how these ladies are treated by the public. Those who pay for these services, handle these people worse than animals. Yes, it should be made legal, for their own safty. I do not know why they go into such profession, but the social stigma should be enough punishment. Soon, syntetics and argumanted reality will be part of our society, their profession will die out like many has done with time.

I dont disagree in the fact that these men / women are mistreated and abused and its so heartbraking. But, there are some that do go willing into the trade and lots are forced also.This is something I am not denying at all,(many are forced) its a staggering truth of the sex  industry.( not saying all are voluntarily )

There're acts *for example- prostitution, gambling, and drug use. These are  activities in which "SOME" parties participate voluntarily...My question is would legalization make better conditions for workers who do choose this?Why is it illegal?Victims of sexual exploitation or workers  "should not be victimized again by the state by being made into criminals. 

People as individuals are responsible for their own acts. There is no middle ground. Giving government the power to outlaw consensual activity allows them to impose any laws they want on us. Drug use and many other choices, tho i might not agree with them .They're about self harm and addiction and not a crime.(tho, some people dont see many things as drugs either and their right and freedom also) Tho, my heart goes out to those who commit self harm but still shouldn't be a crime.Why should it be illegal?

But, prostitution has been around a longtime there were legal brothels in Ancient Greece - 594 BC. And , this has not died out yet because there is a demand. I know as horrible and sickening that it is. :(

You do have apoint. But the future as we have it will not be merciful. it is going more science and rationality over emotions. Religion are being attacked at random, as faithless people are everywhere ( am not against faithless people, i have such good friends). When things change, people change with it. Remember demand curve? As religion and blind control of the govanment is waning, people have less restrictive morals, and more ability to act on their desires. Relationships, break ups and Divorce are comon these days. Anyone can hook up with anyone, have a good time and go. In as much legalizing it will rid them of the control and stigma, It will also alow them to mingle with the society in peace. It is only a matter of time something draws them away. I have read about such people who actually go into other fields. many actress are like this.

I tend to agree lots in this industry want out and want to move on away from being part of it. But, I more question the control of and in things.If we look around and watch what people do. A significant portion of everyday activity is related to achieving needs that are about a sense of control.

Rituals, for example, are everywhere. Why do we have them? They exist to reassure people everything is in control and to provide a familiar framework for our daily lives. Just like social norms,groups, and values tell us what to do, what is right and wrong, what is good and bad. When everyone in the group follows the rules,we feel a sense of control.Then if someone doesnt they're ousted because of control.

Just look how societies treats the poor, mental ill, and so many others that are different then the standard norms.If they dont fit there is something wrong with them and we need to control their way of being. I think morals are good to have dont get me wrong. But, not everyone's is the same so not all mortals fit everyone just differ per person.

I fine following a certain belief kind of a mind control and limiting which I always question. lol But, i fine logic and science quiet more truthful then religious beliefs.Beliefs have there uses dont get me wrong but humanity loves to twist that way to much for my taste.Beliefs, they can teach compassion and empathy, that I can agree on also.But, also, we can be compassionate and empathetic without them also.I respect all religious beliefs.. But ,i am not one that holds to much faith in any belief systems.I enjoy the enlightenment of Buddhism but I also question it .Thats just my inquiring mind to question everything. lol But, I actually have friends of many beliefs; Christians ,Pagans, Wiccians and Atheist too .:)  because, I believe in tolerance ..

But, thanks so much for commenting I enjoy insightful views ,opinions and thoughts.

I wholeheartedly have the stance that I am against minor sex, the sex between a person who is not considered pubescent and another person that may or may not be pubescent. So, I have a problem with human trafficking in that respect. Also, I have another problem... in prostitution if there is unconsensual activity occurring with the parties that are involved. The parties should be able to control their situations if need be instead chaos ensuing such as a futuristic injury from too much wilderness. Likewise, I wouldn't want something treacherous besieging me that could be detrimental to my wellbeing. Some females and males both deal with an ordeal of body exhaustion daily depending on how their brothel controls their "professional" timetable. So, physical anguish could happen there. That is a reason for numerous individuals choosing certain prostitution places. Because, they want schedule flexibility, not being completely sexual puppets for their business's profiting. So, I am understanding of that. Overall, I am for safe prostitution that does not make someone's physical wellbeing being severely compromised to make the business gain its monetary boost.

moneyism should be abolished. drugs should not be called illegal. prostitution is a horrible phenomenon.

Okay , how? And please in detail because I'd be interested in hearing you explain your view on it. I wish to see the end of the monetary system myself and have very passionate views on it.

My view of it :

Equality hasn't been achieved by numerous attempts at capitalism, socialism, communism, and everything in between..NONE of them have perfect equality and have many examples of inequality on social, political, and democratic levels. I am not suggest something in the middle of them is right either, but that attempts at capitalism and socialism have failed to produce equality, and there is no actual, fact-based indication that capitalism or socialism rewards merit.They're just vague systems that dont work and that does depends on opinions as you know. lol I am not offering a solution here, just pointing out a widely accepted fallacy.I do believe we're in a prepost-scarcity system (hypothetical economy).Which, the Venus Project, it has such a system in mind also.(post-scarcity system) .I've also always thought Jacques Fresco was way ahead of his time (If you know who he is?) ,also had somethings right. I do believe," The Monetary System", it has been at the very root of mankind's undoing, causes inequality, poverty, starvation, and, the core problem onto this planet. But, yet, humanity loves keeping stuff that doesn't benefit their life. Over a thousand years Eastern Philosophers have taught and wrote about ; "Let it go" , that what is not serving Yet, they rather keep a slave with a master type system for the benefit of a few and impoverish the rest . 

I believe in a reasonable post-scarcity system.People don’t actually think it’s possible for a society to be post-scarcity.It makes logical sense to me and humanities future.Where inequality is not apart of the equation for any life.Tho, humanity is far from being close to enlightened thinking and being, but I think we're reaching for it.Even when the day comes that we can count on a comfortable lifestyle regardless of our income, we will still work to fulfill our personal goals and, of course, sadly lots in humanity will still try to keep at a selfish system.Their slave and master system.But, being what you want to see in the world matters more than ever.

But, I wish there was no addicting drugson this planet ( thats to me is a personal choice not all people think things like pot are an issue),nor I wish for prostitution. But,when does the line of controlling others of there choices stop and ours have a rights over their personal freedoms? I think there a line there even tho I might not agree with some choices. I can only be in control of the SELF and no one else..But, I am more a realist and free thinker in area.

capitalism is guaranteed to be unequal.  the use of money overstresses the idea of equality, all lives and actions are given a numeric monetary value, but ultimately does not work well at meeting needs for happiness. completely socialist and communist have never been tried, i have heard, so i think it would be sad to discount socialism, which is all about getting rid of inequalities.  moneyism is not the best system under either scarcity or lack of scarcity, but is supposed to require scarcity, at least a limit on the amount of money available.


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