Myself ,totally against and fine it a abuse of another human being..Human Tracking is a money making business.What are your thoughts on it and how we can solve this?...Opponents believe that legalizing prostitution would lead to increases in sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, global human trafficking, and violent crime including rape and homicide. They contend that prostitution is inherently immoral, commercially exploitative, empowers the criminal underworld, and promotes the repression of women by men......Proponents of legalizing prostitution believe it would reduce crime, improve public health, increase tax revenue, help people out of poverty, get prostitutes off the streets, and allow consenting adults to make their own choices. They contend that prostitution is a victimless crime, especially in the 11 Nevada counties where it remains legal.

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Absolutely not. Such practices have no place in a modern, civilized world. And not to mention that STD concentration would be much higher, and that the effects would be irreversible...

What you described is an idealistic view, an utopia, which will obviously never happen in a barbaric trade such as this. You are naive if you think it would work that way, sadly.. Criminals would run rampant, they'd get encouraged even more, and even have the government behind them.

I do not accept that there is no way to eliminate it completely. 

I agree with you. When there is no possibility to eradicate it, legalization is the only (painful)choice to help sex workers from exploitation & abuses. They will have voice then.

Even for Terrorism there is no hope of stopping it. So can we legalize terrorism . It is a stupid idea

If they find it right , let them do it hidden. For than it is stupidity to legalize it. By legalizing , many other people also will start thinking that this is not WRONG. 

According to me prostitution is un ethical. I no way suggest that it is a fair means to get bread and butter. Contrary to the fact that it should be legalised I feel that it  should be banned in all the countries of the world. Prostitution s highly demeaning to woman. I feel such women who r sex workers should be rehabilitated and given some meaningful work. Prostitution is by no end meaningful work. Prostitution symbolises weakness in women and men taking advantage of women who turn prostitutes to earn money. This is how such women r exploited and further remain a weaker sex. We should talk about equal rights for women and men. I feel prostitution should be completely obliterated.

Prostitution shall not be made legal... It is a very unethical way of earning money... There are many other options available..

Makes sense Julia. On the aspects of safety, reduction of rapes... But human trafficking is more to get women to brothels !!! 

I like & support your opinion.But we need to educate young girls what is good & bad in order not to choose the wrong things.Prostitution has very very old history. I've read in Buddhist text that it existed in that time. More thriving today. To help those unfortunate women & girls legalization is a pragmetic solution.

While only one person is involved in prostitution, and doing that for its own gain it should be legal. Because who have right to judge or forbid psychically healthy person to do with her/his body what ever she/he want.

Any other form of prostitution where are any third party included (beside client and prostitute) should be forbidden and illegal because in most of that cases third party are taking advantage of prostitute.

It would be also smart if government regulate this things like some kind of self employed small business where prostitute can be registered and have health insurance and all other benefits like any other workers. Government would have benefits from that as well.

I totally agree. Also there can be people who are not capable to attract opposite sex due to various reasons. Offering money for sex is the only way for them.  


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