Should physician assisted suicide or Euthanasia be made legal ?

Physician-assisted suicide, also known as euthanasia, should it be made legal in the United States because it many cases in is in the patient's best interest. Many painful, terminal conditions exist that lead to long-term suffering and severely effect the quality of life. Life is sacred, yes, but when that life is nothing but suffering and pain? Do you think the person might not be metal capable to make that discussion ? What your opinions and views on it ? for me I believe all life is sacred but I am kind of conflicted on this one.

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Choice.  A person should have a choice.  Same argument for abortion.  The choice to do with your body as want

abortion can differ from suicide.

suicide is a right!!  but assisted suicide is not a /right/. killing is wrong so one cant demand that someone else do that for them.

arent their nerve pathways still there? is something wrong at disc in neck?

an assisted suicide doctor should never go to prison though. that is a travesty i think. you really dont want american governments regulating euthanasia.

When you've live with and took care of a terminally ill cancer patient (I have) when does someone else opinion over shadow someone else right to end their suffering?Do we have the right to block someone that is going to suffer and die painfully or do we see another personal freedom and right to end their own suffering? Now, I am talking about someone in the right state of mind though.Personally, I watch my mom suffer and die of brain cancer and I kept her at home with me and took care of her.. It was one of the most painful experiences I think to watch a love one go threw that.But, if my mom wanted to end her life I would of respected her wish.I agree with ,Q. A person should have a choice.


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