The use of graphic footage and imagery is one of the more heated debates within animal activism. This already controversial issue is profoundly intensified when one adds in the question of showing graphic content to children. This is something I was asked in a Live Q&A on Facebook, and I wanted to revisit the topic with a more comprehensive discussion.

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if they are vegan they shouldnt, i would say. if on tv meat should be censored.

It depends on the age of course. No,  no young children should not be subjected to violence and murder.Using graphic violence can traumatize young minds and also desensitize them.This is what has got us here in the first place.We have become so accustomed to violence in television shows, movies and video games that we now are desensitized to real-life violence and death.Has the cause really fallen this far to allow anything goes and lose our integrity in it?This is highly inappropriate activism toward any young child.The thought of just how desensitized society, and especially our youth, seem to have become to violence,  and abusive, then target children for such activism is going way to far in this vegan's view. As social science researchers in the field of media violence have made clear via their voluminous studies, incessant watching of media violence not only leads to trends in many kids toward greater bullying and violence, but also it enhances our children’s desensitization to violence.

thats age discrimination. if they are carnivores they need to be aware of the suffering for which they are responsible, to know from where their food comes. maybe could read some type of article about. still should be censored. maybe a problem would be a child who embraces it as entertainment. :-7but then you could send them to military or prison when they graduate right, isnt that how public schools work? :-7

It doesn't make sense to limit your love to people like us and to be considerate only within our own group or beliefs. We must respond with love even to those outside of it.We need to live together on this planet, not as societies, but as inhabitants of the earth. Animals want to live and need to occupy this place too.But,the constant desensitization and bombardment  with violence is detrimental and weakening us when we over do it.

( I  am not saying it doesnt have its place and plays a role this type of activism but for adults not children)

I always enjoyed BiteSizeVegan for her approach on using educational ways in activism not hatred,bitterness, and spitefulness .Rest assured there are people like me that are here and  actively doing what's necessary to spreading Love & compassion because the cause as turn outside of it.

Our job is not to harm an innocent mind but to inform and do inform in ways that are appropriate to age.Human beings are animals also. So, harming one animal for the sake of another is the answer? Sound like speciesism .This person who I do admire as activist, is not a Doctor nor a scientific researcher either, on the effects of violence on young children's minds.I have study on the effect of violence ( been around it in length) in my spare time.You can put the information out there but it is never your right to inform someone else's child at all.I am all for informing adults  ( LET ME MAKE SURE I WRITE THIS IN CAPS: "I AM FOR ADULT ACTIVISM FOR THE CAUSE" But, in young children ,NO. Not this kind of activism that has an overly violent nature.

Love this quote from another vegan:

"Human beings are a species of animals. That's just scientific fact. If you exclude human beings from any statement about animals, and particularly justice for animals, then you are practicing speciesism, which, I've always assumed, is something that we as vegans strive to eliminate." / end quote

I think its pointless to say we are compassionate and non-selective in it and be hateful hearted toward each other also.. But, thats just me of course .But, also, I dont fit into the status quo or the group in veganism either.

By the way, speciesism is often condemned as the same as bigotry, as racism, or sexism.

Of course, people have their own views and opinions in it .I look at it differently then they do and I am okay with that also ,each to their own way of seeing things.

Peace& love & veganism to ya all <3

I think yes , it may be graphic but it will teach them from an early age what "actually" happens in slaughterhouses and where their meat "actually" comes from. Then they can decide for themselves if they want to be vegan....but atleast they will have both points of view on the subject.....

Tell me how a 5 or 6 year old can decide this? Viewing such graphic violent ?I can pull up scientific research after research on the effects of violence on a child's mind. I am all for activism toward adults.Science out trumps opinion. We can not harm one animal for the sake of another.Well, some can.But ,not ,this vegan, because it is speciesism.And, goes against every thing I believe in, live and fought for.There are ways to educate children in an appropriate manner, violence is not one of them.

Just one of thousands of studies ..

The Impact of Violence on Children


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