At my school I've noticed that out where we wait for the buses that there's water bottles and trash in the grass. I was thinking of taking a plastic bag and put the water bottles in there and then recycle them when I get home from school. The trash can be dealt with easily since there's trash cans outside and I can throw it away in there. Plastic bottles have no where to go since we just have trash cans (no recycle bins). Do you think I should do this or not? Would my parents get mad at me for bringing the bottles home? I think it would be a great idea because there's a lot of vegetation and by me doing this it would reduce the harmful effects of the plastic and trash. If I do this would I get looked at weird by other teens at my school? I mean, they'd be like "what's that girl doing?". Lol!

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I think this is a wonderful idea and the world needs more people like you. If your parents get mad have some statistics ready to prove you are doing the RIGHT thing. Keep it up!

Okay. Thank you. I will do this, even if other teens look at me weird. I guess if they ask me what I'm doing I'll just say "I'm helping the earth" or "I'm helping mother nature out".

Go right ahead, young lady. Do what think (and absolutely know) is right.


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