Does anyone else find it peculiar when people are so into volunteering in animal shelters/charities and mock those who buy pets (vs. adoption) but then eat burgers and bbq with gluttonous pleasure.  Dont they see the contradiction?????????

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I HATE that... the imagery the meat industry tries to put into people's heads... nothing is more aggravating than, "They have good lives, they're treated well"- for one because it's not true, and another, there's no such thing as humane murder. Where are the oxymoron police?  That is VERY well said Smiles. And again with the vegetables being blamed for disease... that stuff is caused by, forgive my language, shit. Animal shit. Vegetables don't poop.

love that- need to make up bumper stickers

vegetables dont poop- save our crops-shut down CAFO's


LOL that would be amazing! I'd buy one of those haha. 

i find it amusing that people class meat eaters as inferior to vegetarians. dairy is responsible for more death than meat. unless you are vegan you are responsible for murder. -i find that more peculiar than focusing on burgers and bbq's... 

That's pretty rude. I may be a vegetarian but I don't look down on people just because they eat cheese, like me.

well maybe you should consider the calves torn away from their mothers and the cows worked til they die prematurely.. just so you can have cheese... Thats RUDE..

And people wonder why vegans are stereotyped. Get off your high horse and leave us alone. I know vegetarians like myself must be "trash" to you, but I don't look down upon people because of their dietary choices.

your 'dietary choice' is the murder and oppression of a sentient individual-and vegans dont sit on horses-thats more Human Domination premise over other creatures who are NOT their as objects for them.

What I think is that people don't see cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, etc as 'pets' but rather just animals. These people would definitely not eat their dog or cat but if it isn't 'cute' and fluffy they don't care (except maybe reptiles or fish). My friend is considering becoming vegetarian because her boyfriend and herself take care of chickens, horses and cows. She sees that she really cares for them and wouldn't eat them. You don't have to 'own' any of these animals to understand they are animals just like us and have feelings, personalities and can feel pain.

why become vegetarian and not vegan? makes no sense at all.

I know exactly what you mean!

Why not at least TRY to understand other people's choices and respect it instead of thinking that your way is the ONLY right way.

Makes no sense at all.... there is no reason to even enter into a debate with you about it as you have already set yourself up as a Vegan who only believes in and respects Veganism.

So no one is going to inform you of why we choose vegetarian instead of vegan as we know your next comment is basically why we are stupid/bad/uniformed/evil etc instead of you actually trying to understand something.

I can see your bursting to tell everyone how wrong it is to not be vegan, so go ahead and tell us, I promise to read everything you have to say(!)

Vegetarianism discriminates against some animals and not others. Those who promote it as part of 'Animal Rights' are just causing further confusion and making no sense.

I suggest visiting The Vegan Society website on how easy it is to turn Vegan.

If youre interested in a coherent approach to real Animal Rights- visit the 


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