Does anyone else find it peculiar when people are so into volunteering in animal shelters/charities and mock those who buy pets (vs. adoption) but then eat burgers and bbq with gluttonous pleasure.  Dont they see the contradiction?????????

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I hate the whole "I love animals! Mmmmm give me a burger!" too. People are raised to be shallow and then later in life choose to remain ignorant, blind and shallow even though better education is at their disposal.

I was too. I ate meat and loved animals..... I was stupid. It isn't until people feel brave enough within themselves to look out and seek what their actions do to the animals and environment around them. That is the ONLY time change will ever be made. People don't want to see themselves as evildoers... but when you aren't afraid of your own personal label and look beyond that, that is how you begin to grow beyond what you knew possible.

Sadly, I see vegetarianism against veganism (or not against but just choosing not to be one) is a hypocritical way of thinking (which is why I became vegan)... but I do not hate vegetarians.... I LOVE THEM!

Yeah, they might not be fixing everything (and neither am I as a vegan)... but they are not the rest of the world: the purposely blind people who kill and destroy without remorse.

and forcing people to progress faster or beyond what they are brave enough to face.... not only will that simply not work..... it will be detrimental to our cause. It will make them hate you and your cause and rise up to challenge you. and I for one... am against war.

Meat eaters are responsible for less death than Dairy consumers. Why love one and not the other?

because the difference is intent. A vegetarian's intent is for good, meat eaters generally hold on to their ways with a vice and simple happiness to be blind.

Sometimes it just takes a while for people to be ready to change and if and when a vegetarian is ready to be vegan then that is wonderful, but by tearing them down instead of building them up you will only be doing harm both to them by making them feel that the effort they have put into the greater good is simply "not good" enough which should NEVER be seen that way.... but also harmful to what your cause is.... because then you will make veganism look like a terrible title filled with assholes and people who attack others who are not themselves (which ironically is no better than a meat eater attacking animals for not being like themselves)

their intent is clearly being led by a bunch of misguided fools who need to realise the harm they are doing. Vegetarianism is led by Peta,Viva and other Welfare groups who have an agenda for holding back Animal Rights- a monetary led interest. This is simple- The 'assholes' are the Welfarists who are halting the progress of Abolitionists-  Theres more than info on Veganism to make the change now-its straight-forward- People whose 'intent' is to save lives should go Vegan and stop making self centred excuses as to reasons they haven't.

I suppose I simply prefer to spread my message in loving, patient ways... I feel it does far better good than what you do by harming the vegan title by attacking others for not being vegan.

Elizabeth your right.This is the way to go about spreading the message.Nothing changes by hateful,mean spirited tactics.When this is done, people are just going to ignore the attacker, and picture vegetarians/vegans as being just as uncompassionate, when using this kind of behavior.

Informing,educating and approaching things in a compassion way changes things.Who do we remember?The men and women who grace this world in change, in a loving manner.As  Martin Luther King did and many other peaceful warriors.We dont  remember people that are bullies and try use hate and aggression to change.

What about Malcolm X? Nelson Mandela? Che Guevara? They didn't use peaceful tactics, and they are revered and respected for the changes they initiated.

3a8gu3rsbx4bw is just telling it like it is. Being vegetarian is a great start, but there is no point in getting riled at him or meat eaters who say they are animal lovers. If you are vegetarian, the that's great, but please don't call yourself an animal lover.

I'm giving them the source for information that is readily available. And when their actions are resulting in the murder of sentient creatures-patience is not required-urgent action is whats needed

Excellent answer.  Educate, dont humiliate! 9.9/10 it will get you no where and no friends.  Many people eat meat... because they were raised eating meat and doused with false advertisements on how healthy it is- seeping into their consciousness everyday. However, in general, people wound too tight- scare people instead of attracting them to lead by example.  Yes, I am referring to "Mr. Rude Vegan" on this feed.  Your the type that snaps- you need a therapist- I am sure there are some Vegan ones so you will be able to stand their presence in this world and take direction.

Dont get me wrong,  I stand in awe of all who are vegan, but it is a process for many to get there. I am a vegetarian and I am proud. There are humane farmers who can be trusted.  I personally do not wear leather anymore and dont use products tested on animals. But, I support anyone on the spectrum and even those who are clueless, because they just need exposure and then they will decide for themselves.   I am who I am and if one day I become a Vegan so be it, but it will have nothing to do with the insights of a crass vegan who has no idea how to converse with others on this website.  If Mr. Rude Vegan has such an obvious disgust for Vegetarians - why join Vegetarian Friend? 

(its a red flag of uncontrolled hostility and aggressiveness and a clear sign to open the yellowpages and find T for a therapist)   

There are so many nasty corners with nasty actions of life we are not exposed to.  These corners lend themselves to our daily decisions  that unbeknownst to us proliferate such offenses.   Take the flu that is running rampid, all the antibiotics and vaccinations created that people are begging for- how do you think they get FDA approval?  Everytime people watch porn or buy such magazines, it feeds an industry filled with kidnapping,degregation,  human abuse and trafficking. Buying gas at certain gas stations supports terrorists activities against mankind. Going to a 99 cent store can support child labor and intolerable working conditions in foreign countries.   People who buy cannabis  and other drugs for and industry of unfair wages and employer abuse in multiple countries. The movie and gaming industry filling impressionable minds of so much unnessary violence and bloodshed so they can make a buck.  People who drive cars, use aerosol cans, and noxious fumes destroy the enivironment.  Construction of new homes does lend jobs but does it also destroy animal habitats... 

The list can go on and on...all i am saying is educate dont humiliate.  Mankind evolves everyday, but each individual plays their part and it will not happen over night.  We all hope we evolve positively and in a manner to leave the earth to the next generation in kindness and humility.

its very straight-forward- just look on THE VEGAN SOCIETY website- its hardly 'rocket science'..

seems that vegetarians want to claim to be in the same bracket as vegans as oppsed to meat eaters-.. thats what this website advertises its self as... meat is responsible for less death than dairy-give that some thought

I am torn in many ways - I'm an activist and borderline vegan life long veggie. I do believe it would be detrimental for my cats or dogs to be veggies. I try to keep them pescatarians. Note I would not be as against people eating meat if the practices were like they were 100 yrs ago. Farming where the animals have a great life and a fast slaughter when they don't know what's happening. The factory farming must stop. I could never eat dead flesh under any circumstance. However I do believe cats and dog are meant to eat meat, but I will not support factory farming and choose to cook for my animals and are very careful what kind of fish I choose due to mercury concerns. And I do also give my dogs lentils and quinoa

A lot of people don't make the connection , I can say I didn't i was a huge animal lover and I also loved meat it wasn't until I really sat and thought..hey why do I love dogs cats birds ext. but I eat chickens, cows, and pigs. They are animals too. But a lot of people don't think about it it had to do with the media too.


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